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04/10/2010    5:30 PM

Dinan tries its hand at building it’s own 1-series M with its Stage 3 135i. Dinan has pumped the 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-6 up to 380 bhp and tuned the suspension to be more agile while reduce the factory understeer.

04/02/2010    10:40 AM

Berk Technology’s BMW 135i with GIAC custom software won first for the Street Tire RWD class, a new class track record and a new track record for a BMW 135i in the 2010 Redline Time Attack at Buttonwillow Raceway Park on Sunday. The Berk entry had a fast lap time of 1:58.839 and was the only one to break the 2:00.000 barrier.

03/18/2010    10:00 AM

An ASR tuned 135i coupe recently achieved a very impressive 178.7 mph trap speed in a standing quarter mile competition. The run was made at the Top Gun Run in Florida. For comparison, a GT-R with full bolt-ons ran 174mph. Check out the video of the run inside.

03/08/2010    7:12 PM

We recently reported that a leasing program for the ActiveE electric car (based on the 1-series) will soon be launched worldwide, with 200 units available in the US. BMW has clarified and now says that while no exact # has been determined, there will be at least 450 ActiveEs coming to the US.

Press release:

BMW Group Commitment to Electric Vehicle Development Unwavering

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – March 8, 2010… Recent published reports have incorrectly stated that the size of the fleet of BMW ActiveEs that will be deployed during the BMW Group’s second-phase field trial in the US will be limited to 200 vehicles. While the exact size of the fleet has … CONTINUED

03/04/2010    8:50 PM

Over the next year, a leasing program for the ActiveE electric car (based on the 1-series) will be launched worldwide. 600-700 units of the ActiveE car will be available for lease in major cities around the globe. The ActiveE runs off a synchronous electric motor which produces 170hp / 184lb-ft torque. A full charge takes about 4.5 hours allowing a driving range of 100 miles.

02/01/2010    8:00 AM

There are some very talented videographers out there. Luckily, some of them also own BMWs and can really marry two hobbies with some amazing results. Check it out. Well worth it!

01/29/2010    2:22 PM

We bring you the full 2011 BMW Model Year ordering guide (in PDF) for all 2011 models. This guide lists ALL start of production dates, available options, colors, packages, and related notes for every single BMW model for 2011.

01/28/2010    5:58 PM

Overall, the 2011 BMW models are not significantly changed. The new models are the BMW 5-series and Alpina B7 along with LCI updates to the 3-series coupe and convertible. See inside for 2011 BMW models pricing and details.

01/19/2010    4:00 PM

It seems BMWs Concept ActiveE isnt just a showcar. Following their sucessful MINI-e lease program in the US BMW will start a similar program for the electric 1-series. This means that the car will be available in select cities and you will have to apply to own the car.

The actual number of cars which will be available is unknown. But if history is any guide it wont exactly be easy to get your hands on the car. Looking at the MINI-e program, there are currently 450 of the cars on the roads out of an applicant pool of over 1800.

Whats the long term goal? Well, BMW sees this pilot program, … CONTINUED