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05/16/2011    1:48 PM

We bring you the very first look at the upcoming F20 1-series M-sport front end on a 135i hatchback, and it’s undoubtedly the most aggressive M-sport front bumper we’ve ever seen from BMW, owing to the integration of air curtain bodywork and deeply inset air inlets to direct more airflow to the air curtains.

The rest of the M-sport package has not yet been affixed on this car, but expect the usual set of M-sport wheels, rear bumper, sideskirts, and of course interior M-sport bits.

Besides the current testing of the F20 M-sport front bumper, here is what these photos reveal….

05/15/2011    6:40 PM

The debut of the new F20 1-series sporthatch is imminent as BMW recently launched their marketing campaign One Origin – Two Originals. A new report now seems to give some more information on the F20 and claims that the online debut will be in three weeks in early June. Some details follow:

Per this report, the F20 will be only slightly bigger than the outgoing E87 1-series. Two different design lines are said to be offered, Urban and Sport, each comprising of unique wheels, trims, and side mirror colors. This sounds like a customization paradise.

3 non-metallic and 5 metallic exterior colorsare supposed to be offered initially, as well as a choice of turbocharged inline-4 engines (all N20 based).

The F20 is also said to be available with several … CONTINUED

05/04/2011    9:00 AM

The teaser campaign for the new BMW 1er has begun, commencing throughout May to the debut of the car in early June.

04/20/2011    6:00 PM

The forthcoming 1-Series (F20) was recently spied making its way onto the famed Nurburgring as part of BMW’s standard development and testing process for all its vehicles. Now the same car has been caught on video.

You can very nicely see how taut the car’s suspension is setup, this car should be a real blast to drive fast. From the visual point of view, the car has the same level of camoflage as in the previous set of pictures, but it is nice to see the new nose job and headlamp cluster design in living motion.

03/31/2011    4:50 PM

We’ve just seen the start of Nurburgring testing for the 1-series on 3/28, and now spyshots.nl brings us some more photos of the car, from a lower angle. Theres nothing substantively new in these photos, just additional views from different angles. Enjoy!

03/31/2011    12:04 PM

Update: This image has been confirmed as a render based on a real BMW image, so we are essentially seeing the real new look of the 1-series. Autobild leaks the new BMW 1er Sporthatch. This photo certainly looks like the real deal, especially comparing to the spyshots and everything we know about the car, I believe this to be real!!

03/28/2011    5:30 PM

We’ve caught the new upcoming 2012 1-Series hatch every which way imaginable, but now the car has finished its winter testing and entered Nurburgring testing. This is a critical point on the path for any BMW towards production. In fact, the new 5-door hatch is rumored to be revealed online this spring, 2011, with its first public showing at the Frankfurt autoshow this fall, so I’m sure things are in high gear with the 1-Series development team.

This particular vehicle is the 5-door hatchback variant, which is the basis model of the 1-Series, and just as in the previous generation vehicle, this model will not make its way onto US shores. However, this car will serve as the basis for the entire 1-series lineup, with a 3-door … CONTINUED

03/19/2011    11:00 AM

The release of the new (non-US market) 1-Series Hatchback is imminent– but that isn’t stopping BMW from doing the final testing of the partially camoflaged test bed. Gmotors.tv has snagged this video of the car testing in Munich.

03/17/2011    3:00 PM

The F20 1-series continues its testing rounds, spied for the first time in silver color and the new wheels style in these photos. Not much remains for the imagination, except perhaps the front headlights, which, like all previous F20 prototypes sports camouflage taped in a manner to trick the eyes into thinking they are larger than actuality. The yellow camouflage tape on the side mirrors conceal integrated side view mirror turn signals (close-ups here), the first of its kind on a BMW.

The all new 1-Series hatchback (a car not likely to come to the USA) is expected to make its World Premiere at the Frankfurt Autoshow in September (see http://www.bimmerpost.com/future-bmw/).

And in usual BMW fashion, the Coupe body style (F22) should arrive roughly 1 year later, … CONTINUED