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12/14/2010    5:42 PM

The time has finally arrived, the BMW body obscuring cladding has come off the next generation 1-Series hatchback (F20). The car has grown in size to parallel the car’s growth in popularity and aims to improve upon the original 1-Series. It goes without saying that quality will be improved, but what these pictures confirm is what has so far been speculation regarding styling.

The next generation 1-series will fall in line with the rest of the BMW range. The car has a newly sculpted hood reminiscent of the F10 5-series and F25 X3 with sharp and hyper crisp body sculpting line running from the front fender through the door handles to the rear in an aggressive arc. The front and rear bumpers too follow the current BMW … CONTINUED

12/14/2010    12:55 PM

Two FWD BMW variants are coming according to Autocar – a FWD 5-door hatchback and a FWD touring / station wagon model. It’s scheduled to arrive in UK showrooms in 2013 and is expected to have a roomier layout/interior than RWD 1-series variants due to lack of transmission tunnel and more forward A-pillar design.

The engine options will include a 3 cylinder and turbocharged 4 cylinder engine options. The 3 cylinder will be 1.5L diesel and petrol versions and the 4 cylinder will be 2.0L turbo diesel and petrol versions, with start-stop technology, KERS, and heat recovery system. Finally, there’s potential for a ‘ti’ performance variant with 220hp 2.0L turbo 4 cylinder motor!

11/08/2010    7:29 PM

Its no secret that BMW aim to make the next generation 1-Series (codenamed F20 for the hatchback) a centerpiece BMW model, holding equal importance to its older 3-Series and 5-Series brethern. Proof of that is in the pudding, first off this car has and continues to undergo extensive testing that belies the fact that everything is being put into this car to make it top of its class.

Also of note, is BMWs recent turn towards fitting high end options normally reserved for the 5-Series or 7-Series and bringing those options to the smaller 1-Series and 3-Series. During the economic downtown, BMW discovered that people did infact downsize the car, but at the same time, they would upsize on the options … CONTINUED

11/03/2010    1:23 PM

Autoweek has posted a spy video of the upcoming F20 1-series hatchback running hotlaps at the Nurburgring. The new 1-series three and five door models will debut next year at the 2011 Frankfurt IAA in September.

09/21/2010    7:10 PM

We bring you the first photos of the upcoming 2012 1-series hatch (F20) 135i revealing its grille and front bumper design (also an M-sport bumper). Judging by the front bumper design, dual split exhaust, uprated wheel/tire combo, and large brakes, this is likely the 135i model, powered by the N55 6-cylinder turbo motor. An examination of the front bumper reveals a similar design to the current 135i’s, which happens to also be the 1-series M-sport bumper, with its aggressive twin splitters.

According to our BMW longterm roadmap, we expect the next generation F20 1-series to make its public debut at the 2011 Frankfurt IAA motorshow in September 2011.

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08/30/2010    5:00 AM

We bring you the first photos of the the F20 1-series interior on a 135i. The center console is clearly seen. Compared to the current 1-series, the console appears to be more driver oriented, the screen remains a hide-away version, and the radio controls have swapped positions with the air controls.

08/26/2010    9:00 PM

Autobild magazine has a new rendering of the 2012 F20 1-series, as well as what it believes is a full list of models and engines, including 5 body styles, 7 gasoline models and 4 diesel versions. The 3-door and 5-door models should debut at the 2011 Frankfurt IAA in September of next year.

08/10/2010    11:17 AM

Seen here is the most recent sighting of the upcoming 2012 F20 1-series 3 door hatchback. Compared to the last set of 1-series 3 door photos, this prototype has dropped some of its lighting camouflage in front and rear. Compared to the current E81 1-series, this prototype appears more squat, with a wider stance a sportier and more angled tailgate.

07/27/2010    5:18 PM

As you would want, BMW is continually testing the upcoming 1-Series (for 2012) ahead of its launch. And as its size implies, the 1-series will be the smallest BMW in the lineup and arguably one of the more sporty ones to drive.

Not only is the extensive testing and engineering period in the run-up to launch day testament to this fact, but BMW themselves have repeatedly hinted to the importance of this model. It is said that going into the future the 1-series and 3-series segments are the ones that will see growth and have been targeted by BMW for just that. Having learned valuable lessons from the freshman 1-series, BMW is surely going to come … CONTINUED