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06/10/2012    5:00 AM

This summer a fleet of golden BMWs is taking to the streets all over the UK in celebration of the 2012 London Olympics. Spot one and you could win tickets to the Olympics. One lucky winner will also receive the Golden Prize – the chance to drive a BMW for a year. The prize includes use of four of the latest models from BMW’s London 2012 fleet.

A pair of tickets to the Olympics will be given out each day leading up to the games (until July 25). Here’s how you can win. Simply spot one of the cars, snap a picture, and share it via twitter (#GoldenBMW) or the BMW website http://www.bmw.co.uk/gold.

Find out if the Golden BMWs are coming to you here www.bmw.co.uk/gold and follow their … CONTINUED

06/07/2012    10:00 PM

Here are comprehensive DIY instructions for F30 3 series (and other model) owners for the coding of many electronically controlled functions, such as Auto Start Stop, DVD player in motion, folding mirrors, and a myriad of other features.

06/05/2012    8:30 AM

BMW base paint steps for the 1 Series. Display seen at the AMI Leipzig show. This color was Mineral White which is an option for X1s made at Leipzig.

BMW’s six paint stages are:

1) Steel Panel
2) Cathodic Dipping Paint. Rust Protection.
3) Primer coat. Protection against stone-chipping. Color base for base coat.
4) Water based coat of final color. First layer.
5) Water based coat of final color. Second layer.
6) Clear coat. Brilliance and resistance against environmental influence.

06/03/2012    2:25 PM

BMW has been busy trademarking. Below is a list of some recent BMW trademark filings for future potential models. Remember, just because a manufacturer registers a trademark does not mean that the model will necessarily come to fruition. But, it makes for some fun speculation and certainly paints a rough map of what potential future models we may see out of Munich.

Recent Trademark List:

X2, X4
M1, M2, M7, M10
2 Series Active Tourer
M35, M40, M55, M300, M350, M400, M500
M130, M135, M140, M230, M235, M240, M330, M335, M340, M430, M435, M440, M450, M550, M650, M750
Compactive, … CONTINUED

06/03/2012    10:30 AM

We’ve just gotten our hands on some new videos and wallpapers of the F21 3-door 1-series in Estoril Blue. Enjoy!

06/02/2012    4:00 PM

On display at the BMW exhibit at the 2012 AMI auto show is a frozen bronze 640d gran coupe with BMW Individual interior.

Elsewhere in the exhibit was the first BMW 114i to be shown to the public. The 114i features a de-tuned version of the 116i’s 1.6L 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. Power output is 101hp / 133 lb-ft. 0-100km/h (62mph) in 11.2 seconds with top speed of 195km/h (121mph). Average fuel consumption is 5.5lt/100km (42.8mpg US).

06/01/2012    5:35 PM

The recently announced BMW F21 M135i 3-door hatchback has just made its world public debut at the AMI 2012 show today. Here are the vitals on this newest model to the BMW M Performance Automobiles lineup. The F21 M135i will unfortunately not make it to North America.

First ever BMW M Performance automobile to feature a petrol engine
BMW M135i with N55 3-litre, straight six-cylinder engine and 235 kW/320 hp
450Nm between 1,300 and 4,500 rpm
0-100kph in 5.1 seconds (4.9 with automatic)
M-characteristic suspension components and aerodynamically optimised body features
Highest level of performance and the most outstanding efficiency within the competitive … CONTINUED

05/25/2012    12:02 PM

We previously reported on a possible four-door 2 series sedan / gran coupe. Autocar has now joined the rumormill on such a potential 4 door model.

The report claims that BMW has plans for or is discussing a RWD sedan based off the current 1 Series platform that will target the US and China markets in particular. Autocar calls it a 1 Series, but in all likelihood it would be called a 2 Series. If you remember, only the hatchbacks and upcoming FWD models are likely to retain their 1 series badging [see likely future 1/2 series model map].

As the 3 Series has grown over the years, BMW may need such a model to take on the likes of the upcoming Audi A3 sedan and Mercedes CLA … CONTINUED

05/14/2012    11:45 AM

Here’s an interview, via M-Power.com with the BMW M135i’s Project Manager, Christof Lischka. For full details and official information on the M135i, see our M135i Model Guide.

The BMW M135i is the first petrol engine model to be presented in the new category BMW M Performance Automobiles. What are the car’s technical highlights?

Christof Lischka: The BMW M135i is the first petrol engine model of the BMW M Performance Automobiles as well as being the first representative of the 1 Series family. For this reason, it was important for us to give the BMW M135i the specific characteristics typical of all BMW M Performance Automobiles – specially matched to the 1 Series of course.

The target character of the BMW M Performance Automobiles is defined by … CONTINUED