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06/07/2011    4:55 PM

The F20 1-series was just officially revealed this past weekend, but uncovered models are already driving around on the streets of Germany. Inside are the first live photos of the production F20 1-series 5-door hatchback, in Sport Line trim, but without the standard 17″ Sport Line wheels.

The way to differentiate between the Urban Line and Sport Line trims is that the Sport Line has standard 17″ wheels, high gloss black elements, wide grille slats, and front bumper insert. The Urban Line has white trim components.

And if you’re curious, the words on the door means “Test Vehicle.”

06/07/2011    9:00 AM

The photos and details of the new 1-Series sporthatch came on like a flood over the weekend. However, the videos have been coming out at a trickle pace, and here are new shots of the 1er SportLine edition driving through the hills, with a nice tune in the background. Enjoy!

06/06/2011    6:30 PM

What Car? provides the first video preview coverage of the F20 1-series. Featured in the video is a glacier silver F20.

06/06/2011    2:30 PM

We’ve compiled a photo comparison of the F20 1-series 5-door hatchback versus its closest predecessor model – the E87 1-series 5-door hatchback model (non M-sport and facelifted). For your reference, compared to the E87, the F20 body is 85 millimeters (3.35 inches) longer, wheelbase 30 millimeters (1.18 inches) longer, front track 51 millimeters (2 inches) wider, and rear track 72 millimeters (2.83 inches) wider.

06/06/2011    10:30 AM

Over the weekend, the all new 1-Series was released, and typical for a new BMW release, there has been alot of conversation and controversy over the styling.

BMW has gone ahead and put up this single picture of the M-Sport to tantalize us until the full wallpapers are released.

Probably the most striking feature of the M-Sport 1er will be the addition of Estoril Blue Metallic as a new color option. This will not be available on non M-Sport equiped vehicles.

The M-Sport package consists of all new bumpers and sills with new M light alloy wheels in either 17″ or 18″. The chrome trim is replaced by high-gloss Shadow Line trim.

On the interior, the M-Sport package includes some typical and some new elements. Equipment includes an M leather … CONTINUED

06/05/2011    9:05 PM

Full tech specs for the 116i, 116d, 118i, 118d, and 120d, as well as a slew of additional studio processed wallpaper images have been updated to the official F20 info thread. See inside.

06/05/2011    1:55 PM

The F20 1 series will be available in the following colors: Standard – black, alpine white, crimson red. Optional – black sapphire metallic, deep sea blue, mineral gray, midnight blue, glacier silver, valencia orange, mineral white, liquid blue.

06/05/2011    11:47 AM

Here is the first video of the F20 1-series 5-door hatchback. It’s a short one, but it’s the first live motion clip of the next generation BMW 1-series, and first live comparison to its predecessor, the E87 hatchback. As you watch the video, keep in mind however that the E87 is an M-sport model, so the comparison isn’t exactly apples-to-apples so to speak.

This particular red F20 is the “Sport Line” model. Compared to the E87, the body is 85 millimeters (3.35 inches) longer, wheelbase 30 millimeters (1.18 inches) longer, front track 51 millimeters (2 inches) wider, and rear track 72 millimeters (2.83 inches) wider.

06/04/2011    7:16 PM

OFFICIAL RELEASE: BMW 1-series Hatchback (F20). Here is all the just-released official information and media for the F20 1-series hatchback. Full gallery and press release INSIDE.