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02/11/2011    2:15 PM

CAR provides some new renders, details, and speculations on the upcoming baby BMW roadster, the Z2, and the 1-series GT. Both models are based on the UKL1 front-drive transverse architecture, standing for untere klasse in German. It’s at the core of BMW’s plans to become more efficient at making small cars. Power for the new UKL1 front-drive BMWs comes from three- and four-cylinder engines, spinning the front wheels, although four-wheel drive is enabled by UKL1 as it’s required for the Countryman. Getrag will build the 4wd, as well as a twin-clutch transmission.

02/11/2011    12:06 PM

Additions to the BMW Performance product portfolio for the BMW 1 Series, the BMW 3 Series and for the BMW X5 and BMW X6 are being presented at 2011 Geneva autoshow. These include, inter alia, the new BMW Performance sports steering wheel and the BMW Performance Power Kit for the current four-cylinder diesel engines. Also, the range of Original BMW Accessories being presented at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show includes the latest M Performance components for the BMW M3.

02/08/2011    8:00 AM

It appears that the next generation 1-series (F20) will be the first BMW to feature integrated side view mirror lights. We first suspected this when the F20′s latest stage of camouflage was first spied. Here was the circumstantial evidence:

* BMW test mules often have the orange tape/stripe on its side view mirrors, as camouflage/decoy. However, this decoy tape has always been removed once the heavy camouflage on the car’s lights are removed. With the F20, the heavy camouflage on the test mules’ lights have already been removed, but the orange decoy tape remains to serve as camouflage.
* The orange mirror tape has perforations (see F20 photo below), which has never been seen on the mirror camouflage previously. … CONTINUED

02/04/2011    1:40 PM

Beginning with March production, the following changes take place for 1-series Coupes and Convertibles:

128i models feature new front bumper with Air Curtain System design

All 1-series receive updated headlight and tail light assemblies, and models with xenon lights receive new LED lighting components in front and rear (xenon lights remain standard on 135i and optional on 128i)

New colors, wheels, interior applications as follows:

* Alpine White Trim (4DH) will be new option for all 1-series models
* Vermillion Red Metallic (A82) and Marrakesh Brown Metallic (B09) will be new exterior paint options
* Sedona Red Metallic (A79) will no longer be offered
* Oyster Boston Leather (LWCX) will replace Lemon Boston Leather … CONTINUED

02/03/2011    8:30 PM

Gorgeous new 1-series LCI (facelift) coupe and convertible wallpaper photos in magazine quality have been posted to our Official 1-series LCI Info Thread. Check out the new media inside.

02/01/2011    1:20 PM

A talented 1addicts member has produced this most exciting 1-series promo video project. Shot alongside the Crystal Springs Reservoir just South of SF, this black and white clip looks like it would be right at home in any true BMW marketing video.

01/28/2011    5:22 PM

BMW has announced new original accessories for the 1-series coupe. These include rally stripes, wheels, and exhaust pipes. The rally stripes come in black or white and cover the area from the hood, to the roof, and ending on the trunk. The stripe spacing and placement can be installed at the discretion of the owner.

The new BMW accessories wheels are 18″ light alloy double spoke Style 182 wheels in black finish. The third new accessory is a chrome plated exhaust pipe.

01/28/2011    1:45 PM

BMW continues winter testing of the F20 1-series 5-door hatchback. This is the first time we see a black model with less camouflage, showing its sculpted hood and showing premium wheels for the first time. The hood provides us an advance preview of the styling language we should expect to see on the next generation 1-Series and 3-Series.

From the first look, this is the most sculpted hood ever seen on a 1-Series (not hard with only 1 Generation), or even a 3-Series for that matter, and takes a tangential design direction from the F01 7-Series, F10 5-Series and even F25 X3 hood design. A new central column is now raised (whereas it is sunken by sharp lines on the F10), giving a very very sporty effect … CONTINUED

01/26/2011    2:42 PM

This image is said to be a close approximation on the looks of the upcoming BMW 1-series Gran Turismo (GT). The 1-series GT will be the next Gran Turismo model in the BMW lineup following the 5-series GT and preceding the next generation 3-series Gran Turismo model.

The 1 series GT is a mixture of a 5 door hatch and a touring shape. Rear legroom is almost on par with the 5-series sedan.