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07/20/2010    5:30 PM

1addicts member untouchableE82 now owns a truly unique 135i, a custom widebody version. It was born out of necessity for wide tires to handle his 427tq/421hp. Lucky for those looking forward to the 1M Coupe, who can now get a sense of the future 1M’s similarly impressive stance.

07/19/2010    11:30 PM

Seen here is the most recent sighting of the upcoming 2012 1-series hatchback undergoing testing in southern Europe. The dual split exhausts out back hints at a turbo engine. It could be the rumored Tri-Turbo Petrol 4 cylinder engine, or perhaps the N54 6-cylinder twin-scroll turbo motor. The split exhausts, the extra cooling ducts up front in the camouflage, larger wheels, and what appears to be large brakes, all point to this potentially being a range topping F20 1-series.

The last sighting of a turbo F20 1-series was nearly 10 months ago.

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07/19/2010    7:00 AM

Many feel that the spirit of the E46 M3 lives on in the 135i, so the two cars are often compared. 1addicts member PKumarM3, longtime owner of a track prepped E46 M3, recently shared why he feels the 135i not only matches but exceeds a stock E46 M3.

07/13/2010    4:00 PM

BMW has announced some product changes starting with September 2010 production. The changes apply to all BMW Models, including the 1, 3, M3, 5, 5GT, 7, X5, X6, and Z4 models. FULL list of changes INSIDE.

07/08/2010    8:00 AM

1-series enthusiasts gathered in Hannover, Germany over the weekend for a greet and drive. Check inside for a set of great photos of both 1-series coupes and hatchbacks.

06/30/2010    5:55 AM

Its been months since the F20 1-series has been spotted in testing, but here it is in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain, perhaps undergoing high altitude testing. No word yet on whether the F20 will make it to the North American market.

Not much is known about the next generation 1-series, but what is known is that BMW sees this car as a core vehicle to its lineup in the future. Potentially, this car would be as important to them as the 3-series and so similar coupe and sedan variants are on the table. Even a stretched wagon varient has been rumored at one point. With the current E82 1-series confirmed to be … CONTINUED

06/15/2010    5:45 PM

We previously reported that BMW will be introducing a front-wheel model for the next generation 1-series (in addition to traditional RWD models). The FWD 1-series models will likely be receiving 4-cylinder and 3-cylinder versions, leading some to lament that the FWD configuration along with a small motor points to these future models are being more about efficiency/budget than performance.

However, if Autocars "sources" are to be believed, the future entry level 3-cylinder 1-series models are not considered as "entry level" models, but will serious, refined, sporting engined cars with great CO2 figures. We certainly hope this to be true and that BMWs sporty car philosophy continues throughout its future lineup.

06/11/2010    1:44 PM

New information released on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations website shows that BMW is recalling all 1 Series models sold in the U.S. between 2008 and 2010 for a potential fire risk. According to BMW, cars built between December 1, 2007, and May 27, 2010, may not have sufficient clearance between the seatbelt tensioners and the sound insulation in the B-pillars. Should a crash occur, the tensioners could overheat. In rare instances, the excess temperature could possibly ignite the insulation material.

BMW has not yet released a fix for the issue, but has notified NHTSA of the recall and halted sales of all 1 Series models until it rectifies the design issue. BMW will notify owners of the recall shortly and … CONTINUED

05/30/2010    10:15 AM

The DCT dual clutch transmission and N55 engine has come to the 2011 1-series and Car and Driver takes their first drive of the 135i with this new motor and transmission configuration. Check out their initial assessment inside.