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02/13/2010    12:00 PM

Here is the latest video from Auto Motor Und Sport of the BMW F20 1-series hatchback in winter testing. It has been a while since we last saw a spy video of the new upcoming 1-series 5-door hatch. The 5 and 3-door variants are due as a 2011 model and will sport the familiar 4-6cyl variants which range from anywhere between 115-265hp. Previous spy videos: HERE and HERE.

Please visit AMS to watch the video: http://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/w…g=iLyROoafvYio

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12/16/2009    6:35 PM

BMW Concept ActiveE

BMWs vision for the future of the megacity vehicle, dubbed Project-i (Isetta?) comes in the form of this 1-series coupe modified to run on electricity.

For the next major autoshow on schedule, the International Autoshow at Detroit, BMW will bring this car to follow-up the VisionED concept car.

BMW maintains its goals of combining the green energy push with its own motto of "sheer driving pleasure" or "joy". They have aimed to make this car fun to drive, with a good amount of torque and power.

The Engine and Drivetrain

The engine itself is a uniquely derived unit that produced 170hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. … CONTINUED

10/13/2009    11:09 AM

Spotted here is what could be the long rumored 1-series supersport, a lightweight 1er with specific options aimed at the enthusiast not offered via BMW Performance catalog.

06/03/2009    1:19 PM

While the car still remains in the engineering prototype phase, plans for the car have already been laid out and seem to be the most ambitious for any BMW car ever.

According to BMW insider scott26, plans are laid down for a host of variants that include not only the traditional 3-door/5-door hatchbacks, coupes and convertables but also:

Supersport edition — Basicly a BMW 1-series M variant, designed by them but without the M badge.

Touring model PAS type GT model (along the lines of the 5 series GT)

Sports Activity Coupe (X2 — along the lines of the X6)

Roadster (Z2)

Shooting Brake

While many of these cars would not be marketed as the same as the 1-series, they are built upon the same platform and being engineered simultaneously so to speak. Its not clear which … CONTINUED

05/05/2009    2:00 PM

German magazine Automotorundsport has put out these new renders of what the next generation 1-series could look like. It seems as though these renders are WAY off the reality of what will come. Most sources seem to confirm that the next one will take alot of styling cues from the BMW GINA concept car in some form, while these renders seem to rely on the current BMW 7-Series styling. Regardless, it did seem like an interesting attempt and worth the post.

( http://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/n…t-1244877.html )

03/18/2009    3:09 PM

Summary: turbo 4 and 6 cylinder engines are going to be an M staple along with a focus on lightweight. Gone will be the days of large displacement and high horsepower engines

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