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10/13/2010    11:29 AM

Now that the 1-Series coupe and cabriolet are at the halfway mark in their lifecycle talk has been brewing up of a midcycle refresh. And just in time, here are some new pictures of the upcoming BMW 1-Series LCI in Sedona Red. In BMW speak, LCI stands for Life Cycle Impulse and denotes a "facelift" for the car. Current rumors point to a December 2010 Official Reveal for the 1-Series LCI alongside the release of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The car will then be shown off in the flesh in January at the Detroit Auto show

From what we can gather in these pictures and a set of pictures of the 1-Series ActiveE … CONTINUED

10/04/2010    1:00 PM

We bring you the first photos of the all-electric BMW Concept ActiveE 1-series production model. Compared to concept version, the production ActiveE receives more conventional wheels and tires, a different front bumper, a new hood with a bump, new headlight design, and “E Drive” badges. The upcoming lifecycle impulse (aka “LCI” or “facelift) changes to the 1-series coupe and cabrio are seen here with new rear and front headlight lenses with LED technology and more reprofiled aerodynamics in the bumpers. The 1-series coupe and cabrio LCI, along with the 1M and Active E will be seen for the first time at the NAIAS in Detroit this early January.

Also similar to the Mini E electric car, the ActiveE is powered by a rear-mounted electric motor that … CONTINUED

09/21/2010    7:10 PM

We bring you the first photos of the upcoming 2012 1-series hatch (F20) 135i revealing its grille and front bumper design (also an M-sport bumper). Judging by the front bumper design, dual split exhaust, uprated wheel/tire combo, and large brakes, this is likely the 135i model, powered by the N55 6-cylinder turbo motor. An examination of the front bumper reveals a similar design to the current 135i’s, which happens to also be the 1-series M-sport bumper, with its aggressive twin splitters.

According to our BMW longterm roadmap, we expect the next generation F20 1-series to make its public debut at the 2011 Frankfurt IAA motorshow in September 2011.

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08/30/2010    5:00 AM

We bring you the first photos of the the F20 1-series interior on a 135i. The center console is clearly seen. Compared to the current 1-series, the console appears to be more driver oriented, the screen remains a hide-away version, and the radio controls have swapped positions with the air controls.

08/10/2010    11:17 AM

Seen here is the most recent sighting of the upcoming 2012 F20 1-series 3 door hatchback. Compared to the last set of 1-series 3 door photos, this prototype has dropped some of its lighting camouflage in front and rear. Compared to the current E81 1-series, this prototype appears more squat, with a wider stance a sportier and more angled tailgate.

07/27/2010    5:18 PM

As you would want, BMW is continually testing the upcoming 1-Series (for 2012) ahead of its launch. And as its size implies, the 1-series will be the smallest BMW in the lineup and arguably one of the more sporty ones to drive.

Not only is the extensive testing and engineering period in the run-up to launch day testament to this fact, but BMW themselves have repeatedly hinted to the importance of this model. It is said that going into the future the 1-series and 3-series segments are the ones that will see growth and have been targeted by BMW for just that. Having learned valuable lessons from the freshman 1-series, BMW is surely going to come … CONTINUED

07/19/2010    11:30 PM

Seen here is the most recent sighting of the upcoming 2012 1-series hatchback undergoing testing in southern Europe. The dual split exhausts out back hints at a turbo engine. It could be the rumored Tri-Turbo Petrol 4 cylinder engine, or perhaps the N54 6-cylinder twin-scroll turbo motor. The split exhausts, the extra cooling ducts up front in the camouflage, larger wheels, and what appears to be large brakes, all point to this potentially being a range topping F20 1-series.

The last sighting of a turbo F20 1-series was nearly 10 months ago.

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06/30/2010    5:55 AM

Its been months since the F20 1-series has been spotted in testing, but here it is in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain, perhaps undergoing high altitude testing. No word yet on whether the F20 will make it to the North American market.

Not much is known about the next generation 1-series, but what is known is that BMW sees this car as a core vehicle to its lineup in the future. Potentially, this car would be as important to them as the 3-series and so similar coupe and sedan variants are on the table. Even a stretched wagon varient has been rumored at one point. With the current E82 1-series confirmed to be … CONTINUED

03/28/2010    1:00 PM

Remember these spyshots? Looks like the photos were of a FWD hydrogen hybrid 1-series test car afterall, according to autoblog.nl. The 1-series hydrogen hybrid concept is powered by a 120hp 4 cylinder gas engine, hydrogen fuel, cell, electric motor, FWD and RWD!. The car operates on FWD on longer trips and RWD on shorter trips (RWD powered by electric motor). The fuel cell converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity, which recharges the batteries. The energy generated from braking will also be converted to electricity and stored for use.

The hydrogen fuel cell and electric motor will power the hydrogen 1-series in local city driving and the 4-cylinder gas engine will provide assistance for … CONTINUED