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06/04/2011    7:16 PM

OFFICIAL RELEASE: BMW 1-series Hatchback (F20). Here is all the just-released official information and media for the F20 1-series hatchback. Full gallery and press release INSIDE.

05/12/2011    5:50 PM

BMW Performance Parts Manager Eric Riehle recently took questions from United BMW gathered from Bimmerpost members. On video, he addresses BMW Performance plans for limited slip differential, lease residualization program, new electronic performance steering wheel, M3 performance parts, and N54/N55 performance power kits. Check out the interview inside.

04/28/2011    10:00 AM

See many Bimmerpost members’ ActiveE questions answered in this replay of BMW Conversations: BMW ActiveE, that aired at the NY Auto Show on April 20th, where questions were answered by ActiveE experts submitted through Facebook.

04/20/2011    6:00 PM

The forthcoming 1-Series (F20) was recently spied making its way onto the famed Nurburgring as part of BMW’s standard development and testing process for all its vehicles. Now the same car has been caught on video.

You can very nicely see how taut the car’s suspension is setup, this car should be a real blast to drive fast. From the visual point of view, the car has the same level of camoflage as in the previous set of pictures, but it is nice to see the new nose job and headlamp cluster design in living motion.

03/25/2011    11:55 AM

George Plasa tuning has assembled this F1 sounding “BMW Judd 134″ race car based off the 1-series, featuring 550PS (542hp). It has to be heard to believe. Check out the videos inside.

03/19/2011    11:00 AM

The release of the new (non-US market) 1-Series Hatchback is imminent– but that isn’t stopping BMW from doing the final testing of the partially camoflaged test bed. Gmotors.tv has snagged this video of the car testing in Munich.

03/16/2011    10:30 AM

The Russian customizers who made the notorious Gold X5M are using their creativity and bravado once again, this time putting together a beautiful matte silver 135i. We’ve seen plenty of matte gray and black BMWs, but few matte titanium silvers. It proves to be stunning under interior lighting, but especially gorgeous out in the night under highway lights. Check out the video inside.

02/14/2011    7:00 AM

BMW has posted another video on the BMW ActiveE 1-series based electric car. This clip explains how it can be used as an everyday utility.

02/11/2011    6:00 PM

The original BMW 1-Series ActiveE said hello to the world in December of 2009, but now the car will go into production with a test fleet of over 1000 vehicles to be shared between the North American, European and Chinese markets. This marks the second electic vehicle in the BMW lineup (after the MINIe) and will make its official world debut at the upcoming Geneva Autoshow.

Just to recap, although this car is in the shell of a 1-Series, it features a totally unique drivetrain good for 170hp, 0-60 in about 9 seconds and a range of about 100 miles. This range is achieved with a redesigned LithiumIon based battery unit.

The knowledged gained from the 1-Series ActiveE and MINIe testbeds will directly impact the upcoming MCV (MegaCityVehicle) … CONTINUED