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05/13/2011    11:52 AM

HP Autowerks is one of the first tuners we have seen take delivery of a project 1M coupe. Theirs is an alpine white 1M and they have already outlined their performance modification plans for the newest addition to their garage.

05/12/2011    3:40 PM

Jalopnik prints their 1M first drive review, echoing what many auto publications have said before them – that the 1M is most surely an M car. Driver Mike Spinelli was impressed with the car’s great limits, handling, and stance. Perhaps the best compliments paid were the constant comparisons and references to big brother M3.

05/11/2011    6:45 PM

First video of a top speed run in a BMW 1M coupe result in a reading of 264km/h (164mph)! The video shows just how strong the 1M pulls in all ranges, even above 100mph. The car has also been tuned by BMW to sound great from the cockpit, with a great mixture of engine, air induction, and exhaust noise. Check out the run inside.

05/11/2011    2:43 PM

1Addicts member and future track instructor Dan Parker has taken delivery of his beautiful white 1M coupe. He provides his initial review of the 1M, as well as some great insight into how it compares to the E46 M3 and the Z4 M Coupe. Read the full review and see photos/video inside.

05/11/2011    8:00 AM

EmmDrei provides some updated and clearer photos of his black 1M coupe modified with BMW performance parts. Full gallery inside.

05/10/2011    2:38 PM

Here’s the first great look at an alpine white 1M coupe next to a mineral white M3 coupe. Both are beautiful in their own way, with the 1M coupe taking on a boxier, more overtly aggressive look, while the M3′s lines and bulges are sleeker and more discrete. One thing we’re sure of – the owners of each love their car!

05/08/2011    6:45 PM

The first 1M US owner to take delivery and post about it online is 1Addicts member “AW 1M”. His car, appropriately, is an Alpine White 1M that he took delivery of recently. He shares his honest and fair assesment of his latest aquisition. Read on…!

05/08/2011    9:00 AM

Worldwide deliveries of the 1M coupe started recently throughout Europe and the first black 1M coupe has now been delivered in the UK. Congrats to 1addicts owner nieue on taking delivery of his brand new little black beast!

US owners should begin taking deliveries as early as next week so stay tuned to our site for announcements!

05/07/2011    2:46 PM

The BMW 1M coupe press test fleet vehicles have hit US shores (along with many US owners’ 1Ms we hear). These BMWNA (NJ) bound 1M coupes have been spotted throughout the east coast.

Look for 1M reviews by the US publications soon!