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07/08/2012    8:00 AM

See the BMW 1M Coupe posing with its spiritual forefather – the E30 M3. The 1M is in Valencia Orange while the E30 M3 is in Henna Red, with both having the same owner. This is one lucky 1ADDICTS member.

07/05/2012    12:00 PM

There’s nothing more painful than seeing a low production car like the BMW 1M coupe being totaled and written off as a salvage car. Which makes seeing the rescue and restoration of one of these cars that much sweeter. Well, how about one body shop restoring four such 1Ms, including the very last 1M delivered to the US!

Check out the restoration journal from this body shop from Queens, NY who has become a 1M whisperer of sorts, with the fondness they have developed for the 1M and bringing salvaged versions back to life.

07/03/2012    2:45 PM

Video showing the theft of a 1ADDICTS member’s 1M coupe, performed in a frightening fast 3 minutes, without keys. The thieves accomplished this by accessing the BMW OBD port in the footwell by breaking the glass, reaching in and using a device to reprogram a blank key fob. The car was simply then unlocked and pushed off the drive and driven away.

BMW may have an issue on their hands as over 300 BMWs have been stolen in March 2012 in a single UK county.

06/25/2012    10:00 AM

1ADDICTS members are busy taking advantage of the summer all over Europe and the 1 Series crew would not be outdone by the Ace Cafe 1M gathering in the UK.

The 1ADDICTS crew gathered for a fun day on and around the famed Stelvio Pass, one of the most exciting driving roads in the world and the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, and the second highest in the Alps.

Today the Stelvio Pass is visited by many motorists attracted by the exhilarating drive and many event organizers choose the pass as a way-point driving through Switzerland to Italy.

06/24/2012    2:00 PM

UK 1M owners from 1ADDICTS had their largest owners meet yet yesterday at the Ace Cafe. Over 18 1Ms were in attendance, along with a 1M 123d replica and a 135i.

Those in attendance have begun posting their photos and videos, so check them out inside.

06/22/2012    12:15 PM

Production of the 1M Coupe is about to end at the Leipzig plant, and one of the last models to roll off the line is a special one-off Java Green 1M.

All its black trim pieces are finished in black chrome and the wheels are from the M3 GTS.

This isn’t the first Java Green BMW however, as there has also previously been an Individual Java Green M3 Coupe produced.

06/20/2012    8:45 AM

The very limited production M3 GTS may be difficult to attain, so Japanese tuner Studie has taken a slightly more attainable (though still exclusive) model, the BMW 1M coupe, and given it a M3 GTS look, complete with fire orange exterior paint, black wheels and the high rear racing wing from the M3 GTS. Modifications on the Studie 1M include:

- Fire orange (u94/2) paint
- BBS ri-d painted gloss black
- Matte black gts wing
- Matte black diff
- Akrapovic exhaust w/ cf tips
- Custom vented hood
- AP racing bbk

06/17/2012    1:00 PM

Earlier this month, BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) of Seattle held the annual Triple XXX Rootbeer BMW Event. Hundreds of BMWs were in attendance, of all models, years, and varieties.

We bring you some event photos inside.

06/13/2012    11:30 AM

Four award-winners spanning a displacement range of 1.6 to 4.0 litres – BMW Group again emerges as the most successful auto manufacturer in the internationally renowned engine contest.

Unbeaten titleholders and triumphant newcomers have secured the BMW Group’s renewed pre-eminence at the 2012 International Engine of the Year Awards. Powerplants guaranteeing efficient power delivery in current BMW and MINI models topped no fewer than four out of eight displacement categories. The quartet of trophy-winners comprised two four-cylinder engines, a straight-six and an eight-cylinder. Scooping up best-in-class wins were the 1.6-litre turbo unit of the MINI John Cooper S, the four-cylinder engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology that drives the new BMW 328i, among others, the straight-six with M TwinPower Turbo of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, … CONTINUED