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12/28/2011    9:05 AM

This must have felt like Christmas for the folks at Autobild. Autobild knows what it takes to have a great story and has done a special edition on BMW M models, called “Fascination M.” In this special comparo, Autobild gives an overview of all current BMW M models as well as interesting insights into M GmbH. Most interestingly, Autobild pitted all (yes, all) currently available M models against each other on a German race track named Sachsenring.

The outcome? As you’d expect, the M3 CRT (it’s sold out but more info here) is the fastest M car Autobild has ever tested on Sachsenring as it clocked a 1:38.87 minute laptime (the M3 GTS isn’t available no more). An amazing second place goes to the brand-new F10 M5 … CONTINUED

12/14/2011    9:00 AM

Check out this beautifully produced feature video by a 1M owner/fan featuring his 1M coupe cruising and playing on the streets and roads of Poland.

12/07/2011    10:08 AM

GC Automobile, a French racing team which builds silhouette race cars has taken a standard BMW 1M coupe and converted it into a radical looking race car, with a new heart. That new heart is an American Chevy V8 engine tuned by Sodemo Development to produce a maximum output of 550HP.

11/25/2011    10:45 AM

Remember the dealer PDI 1M coupe joyride fiasco experienced by one of our 1ADDICTS members?

News now comes that the Los Angeles Country district attorney’s office has filed misdemeanor charges against the two former Pacific BMW employees for their actions. This stems from a joyride that the two men took in the not-yet-delivered BMW 1 Series M coupe down the residential streets of Glendale, CA.

A video of the ride (some of which can be seen below) was then posted by the men on YouTube.

According to the district attorney’s complaint filed against the two men – Vacheh Margoussian (21) and Artin Yazidjian (22), each faces misdeameanor charges for taking the 1M from the dealership. In addition, Margoussian was also charged with a misdemeanor reckless driving charge. As … CONTINUED

11/16/2011    1:02 PM

Tiff Needell has been a regular special guest at the Top Gear Live events and this year he makes his grand entrance in rubber burning style by drifting a BMW 1M coupe around the indoor track. Check out the hoonage inside.

11/13/2011    6:00 PM

The BMW M Power Tour swept through Colombia in July, as part of the M Power Tour for Latin America. The event featured 3 days of M nirvana, with track time available in a total of nine M cars – as drivers or passengers in the thrill rides provided by BMW’s driving instructors.

The nine M cars featured BMW M’s latest and greatest – the BMW 1M coupe, the M3, the X5 M, and the X6 M.

Check out incredible looking experience in the video inside. Thanks to our good friend, Bimmerpost member, and veteran BMW driving instructor, Donnie Isley, for the video. Donnie headed up the M Power Tour in Latin America and if you’re familiar with him, you’ll see him make several cameos throughout the … CONTINUED

11/13/2011    9:00 AM

Jeremy Clarkson has previously reviewed the BMW 1M Coupe on Top Gear, but he’s now got BMW M’s hot new small coupe in his DVD feature “Powered Up.” We won’t spoil the review and results for you, but suffice to say, BMW 1M owners and fans will not be disappointed.

11/04/2011    12:00 PM

The ever impressive BMW 1M coupe has placed 3rd in the 2011 EVO Car of the Year awards, behind only the Porsche GT3 RS and McLaren MP4-12C. Not bad at all considering those cars are each at least three times more expensive than the 1M coupe!

The 1M coupe also beat out a list of some of the best sports cars available on the planet today, including: Porsche Cayman R, Renaultsport Megane 265, Trophy, Lotus Elise Club Racer, Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, Jaguar XKR-S, Ferrari FF, BMW M5, and Aston Martin V8 Vantage S.

11/01/2011    12:00 PM

Matt Farah, of The Smoking Tire and The Car Show, finally gets his turn in the BMW 1M Coupe.

He calls it “just so damn good to drive” and is destined to be a collector’s car and future classic. Catch the video inside for why he thinks so…