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10/28/2013    4:40 PM

This may not be a direct apples to apples comparison since the M235i is currently only available in 2-door coupe form while the CLA45 AMG has 4 doors and a higher price tag, but the M235i will compete in the same segment as the CLA45 AMG and the performance figures are not far off. This is the best comparison we can make until a M2 comes along…

10/28/2013    12:30 PM

BMW insider Scott26 shares some info on the upcoming BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe 4-Door Sedan.

A 4 door model of the 2 Series has been conceived as part of an expansive compact model strategy. And make no mistake BMW are interested in such a model because it adds consistency to the Gran Coupe series and would be a successful profit unit as well as establishing a RWD narrative for this exciting new segment.

The car is viable because of the modular architecture within the platform.

The car won’t appear tomorrow. At least we are looking at a possible mid-late 2015 introduction. BMW need to assess the reaction regarding the CLA and A3 Sedan in regards to how they affect the next step ie C-Klasse and A4 … CONTINUED

10/26/2013    1:00 PM

Autobild shows us some more views of the 2 Series Coupe and M235i Coupe (Official Thread) from a private showing.

Click through for the video and catch our past and future 2 Series coverage at: http://www.bimmerpost.com/2-series/

10/25/2013    1:30 PM

Here is the official BMW M235i / 2 Series launch film, promo spot with BMW DTM driver Andy Priaulx, and the first action videos of the M235i (including a launch control demo).

10/25/2013    12:05 PM

BMW has launched the online visualizer and product microsite for the just revealed BMW M235i and 2 Series Coupe. The 2 Series visualizer lets you configure the M235i and 2 series in its various exterior colors and wheels, as well as the different lines and the M Sport package.

The 2 Series microsite also breaks down the various highlights of the 2 Series Coupe, including Design, Lines & Equipment, Dynamics, Efficiency, Services & Apps, Driver Assistance, Comfort & Safety, and more. There’s a particularly cool design comparison against the BMW 2002, the 2 Series Coupe’s spiritual descendent.

10/25/2013    10:41 AM

Check out this stunning set of BMW M235i wallpapers!

10/24/2013    10:50 PM

We have added the first videos of the BMW M235i 2 Series Coupe to our Official Thread.

10/24/2013    5:59 PM

Introducing the first ever BMW M235i and 228i Coupe.

Inside you’ll find the official release information for the new BMW 2 Series Coupe (F22), with full specs, press release, photos and video.

The 2014 M235i and 228i have been priced in the U.S. starting at $44,025 and $33,025, respectively.

10/23/2013    12:15 PM

Have a look at the fully revealed standard 2 Series (220d in this case), which was shown in a video posted by Autobild!