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06/09/2011    11:47 AM

For 36 years now, the BMW 3 Series has profited more than almost any other model series from its fascinating drive technology. During a period spanning five generations, BMW 3 Series engines have time and time again been pioneers of innovative technology and milestones in engine construction. As a result, the four and six-cylinder power units, each of them having been the most modern of their time, have created the basis for the success of the internationally coveted, sporty midrange series. And what’s more: with its dynamic and consistently highly efficient drive technology, the BMW 3 Series became the founder of a new category of sports-oriented vehicles and, at the same time, a bestseller within the premium segment. With each new model, the series was able … CONTINUED

05/30/2011    7:16 PM

What’s better than spotting a Individual BMW? Seeing many Individual BMWs, and all at the same location. Our invaluable member Dackelone provides another amazing set of photos, this time from BMW’s factory-owned Munich dealerships and their already famous display of Individual colors and options.

Starring below are some known colors we never tire of seeing, but also some completely new options like a beautiful E90 3-series in Bianco Fuji Metallic. We’ve included the spec sheets of all cars for you, but don’t be surprised about the prices. It’s Individual after all.

05/29/2011    10:30 AM

Here are some videos featuring the autonomous driving BMW 3-series cars, which can drive themselves (and demonstrate proper driving lines, braking, and accelerating) around tracks for which they’ve been programmed for, including the Nurburgring, Hockenheim, and now Laguna Seca.

The robotic 3-series also feature LED indicator lights which help drivers who takes control manually recognize how close or off of ideal driving lines they are at any given moment on the track. All this info can then be exported to the computer following the laps for immediate graphical analysis and demo on the computer to help the driver improve their next lap. We’d love to see this useful track trainer technology implemented at some point at BMW’s performance driving schools and M schools.

05/27/2011    6:00 PM

BMW has built a self-driving 330i that can take itself around Laguna Seca, and not at your granny’s driving speed, but at high speed track speeds. It turned in laps of just more than 2 minutes at Laguna Seca. The car uses GPS, on board cameras, dead reckoning, ECU data and navigation routes of the track.

What’s more, since it’s fully computerized, it always takes the correct lines, accelerates and brakes at optimal locations, and hits apex perfectly. It has also been programmed and lapped the Nurburgring and Hockenheim.

05/27/2011    9:30 AM

BMW continues its return to the use of the Ultimate Driving Machine message and tagline in the newest USA commercial called “BMW More.” The message is simple and direct in this commercial featuring a BMW 3-series sedan on some mountain twisties: More Powerful. More Fuel Efficient. More BMW. The Ultimate Driving Machine

05/20/2011    12:23 PM

Prior Design is no newcomer when it comes to widebody M3 conversions, as they released their E92 M3 PDM Widebody Kit for the E92 coupe (photos also below) late last year. This time around they’ve taken to converting the E93 convertible to a widebody M3 look, just in time for the top-down summer months. The conversion looks fabulous, especially with the convertible top down.

The conversion kit includes of course the widened front and rear fenders and bumpers, new hood with ventilation gills, and sideskirts.

* This kit fits all E92/E93 pre-LCI non-M3 models

05/18/2011    2:00 PM

In case you missed it, the BMW Performance Parts Manager recent revealed that the BMW Performance Power Kit will soon be coming in two stages, for both the N54 and N55 motors. Stage 1 PPK will be software upgrade only and Stage 2 PPK will be software and hardware upgrades.

05/12/2011    5:50 PM

BMW Performance Parts Manager Eric Riehle recently took questions from United BMW gathered from Bimmerpost members. On video, he addresses BMW Performance plans for limited slip differential, lease residualization program, new electronic performance steering wheel, M3 performance parts, and N54/N55 performance power kits. Check out the interview inside.

03/26/2011    10:55 AM

Here are some great airstrip meet photos from a recent Bimmerpost members meet in Jacksonville, Florida.