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02/14/2013    7:30 PM

Alpina has revealed the specs and first full photo of its new B3, based on the F30 335i sedan.

The F30 B3 boasts more power and torque than the E90 B3, yet is more gas efficient.

The new B3 Bi-Turbo delivers 403 HP (301 kW) at 5500 RPM, paired with the ZF 8 speed automatic.

0-100kmh (0-62 mph) takes only 4 seconds.

Full specs (and photos) of the car will be revealed when it debuts at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show early next month.

02/14/2013    2:10 PM

Autobild is the first to get its hands on the recently revealed 3 Series GT (Gran Turismo) (F34) for a side by side comparison with the 3 Series Touring (F31).

Their conclusion? After scoring several categories, they have the 3GT squeaking by the touring by just one point overall (67 to 66). The GT gets the nod for easier access, better features, usability, and versatility; but loses on cargo loading.

02/12/2013    8:30 AM

A F30POST member shares his feedback and review of the F30 3 Series M Sport Adaptive versus M Sport Passive suspensions, on otherwise identical cars.

The test cars were both F30 330d M Sport, Servotronic Steering, 18″ Wheels, Bridgestone tires, and in Sport Mode.

02/07/2013    2:00 PM

New videos featuring the first BMW 3 Series GT (Gran Turismo) commercial ad spot, together with some product overview feature videos.

02/07/2013    10:30 AM

You’ve seen the photos, now watch the BMW 3 Series GT in action, in these first videos.

02/07/2013    9:15 AM

Per BMW: The first BMW 3 Series followed the successful and sporty BMW 2 Series in 1975. It is the beginning of a success story, that continues to present day. This is how it began.

02/06/2013    4:27 PM

Now that we’ve posted the F34 3 Series GT (Gran Turismo) official photos and info, here’s a look at how the GT compares against its smaller and older brothers – the F30 Sedan and F31 Touring, physically and visually.

The GT’s physical stats are:

200 mm (7.87 in.) longer than 3 Series sedan and touring
180mm (7.08 in.) longer wheelbase than 3 Series sedan and touring
81mm (3.18 in.) taller than 3 Series sedan and touring
17mm (0.66 in.) wider (without mirrors) than 3 Series sedan and touring
1,715 kg / 3,780 lb (335i – unladen EU)
1,645 kg / 3,626 lb (328i … CONTINUED

02/06/2013    10:48 AM

We introduce to you the BMW 3 Series GT (Gran Turismo).

BMW Press Release:

The new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo adds an innovative new concept to the successful BMW 3 Series line-up. The third body variant in the current model family combines the Sedan’s dynamic, sporting genes with the practicality and versatility of the Touring, qualities which are backed up by a palpable increase in space and driving comfort. The Gran Turismo exudes aesthetic and emotional appeal, boasts a distinctive presence on the road and offers similarly pronounced driving pleasure. All of which allows the new Gran Turismo to make a compelling case for itself as both an elegant business carriage and a dynamic, comfortable tourer.

Typical BMW proportions, four doors with frameless windows, a … CONTINUED

02/06/2013    7:30 AM

Here is a DIY install guide for installing N55 mid pipes on a N54 powered model and deleting the secondary cats.

The main benefit of deleting the N54′s secondary cats is more flow, better faster spool up of the turbos, and a louder more deeper tone of the exhaust note.