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06/23/2010    3:57 PM

We bring you the worlds first look at the next generation F30 3-series sedans interior! The interior looks to be a big departure from the E90/E92 interior – the dash seems to be more driver-centric and also becomes less upright, with a very smoothly integrated screen unit. Overall the look reminds us more of the current 1-series than the newer BMWs (F10 5-series, F01 7-series), especially the trim area.

Attachment 400500

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06/22/2010    10:07 AM

Watching BMW’s strip tease of its upcoming vehicles is always fun, especially when its the next 3-series (F30), and even more especially when the testing advances stages. In this case, the 2012 3-series has moved on to track testing on the Nurburgring! Which signals that we should hopefully see some of that body cladding start to come off.

We can also start to peek at the front bumper underneath the heavy camoflage bodysuit in one of the photos below.

Expect the next 3-series to be launched sometime in 2012.

Attachment 400037

Attachment 400038

Attachment 400039

Attachment 400040


06/21/2010    2:42 AM

The same guys (Rosenthal Automotive) who brought you the 2011 550i video we featured over the weekend has also produced a small feature of the 2011 E92 Coupe LCI w/ N55 engine. The cinematography is once again impressive, as is the direct comparison they provide between the facelifted and original E92.

This is far from a performance or technical review, but nevertheless provides some nice eye candy for fans of the E92 LCI model. They do get something right though — that BMWs are addictive for their car-driver connection and the 3-series epitomizes that feeling.

06/09/2010    2:30 PM

According to Autocar, a BMW 3-series long wheelbase version is coming for the next generation BMW F30 3-series. Just as the F10 5-series long wheelbase version, the stretched 3-series main market will be China, where many Chinese prefer to be chauffered. It will compete with the newly revealed Audi A4L.

The long wheelbase 3-series will be built in conjunction with Brilliance, BMWs Chinese partner, at a new BMW factory in the Shengyang economic zone. However, the factory will not be completed until 2012, so the earliest the 3-series long wheelbase version will hit the market would be 2012/2013.

The new factory will have the capacity to build 100,000 units a year, and will … CONTINUED

06/01/2010    5:50 PM

Edmunds.com has launched a pretty interesting voting system for the 5 most popular and important import coupes on the market today, namely the BMW E92 3-Series Coupe, Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe, Cadillac CTS Coupe, Audi A5 and Infiniti G37.

Its sad to say but the 3 Coupe is lagging behind the Benz and A5 in most segments right now, so take a second and cast your vote!!

Link to the voting booth: http://www.insideline.com/features/d…rt-coupes.html

05/30/2010    7:00 PM

Here’s a great detailed walk-through video of an F10 523i, showing details large and small including lighting elements, convenience features, etc. Perfect for those of you awaiting your new 5-series to be delivered.

05/27/2010    12:30 PM

As if it wasn’t already difficult enough to source BMW euro-market only parts for our BMWs, it has just become even harder as BMWNA has now apparently stopped all sales of BMW European parts through its dealers in the US. Previously, generally, if you could provide a BMW parts department with an european market part number, they could order it for you. That will no longer be the case and we will all have to look to 3rd party suppliers or independent sellers for our european-only BMW parts going forward.

05/26/2010    7:00 PM

Fifth Gear host Tom Ford managed to drive a stock BMW 320d from the Chunnel exit in France to Munich, Germany and almost the entire way back on just one tank of diesel. This equates to 68.9mpg (imperial gallon) and 57.5mpg (US gallon). BMW diesel power flexing its muscle!

05/25/2010    9:35 AM

Car and Driver reviews the Dinan S3 335i and is impressed with the power, chassis, and handling upgrades, all the while maintaining a very civil ride quality. Read on…