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05/20/2010    2:00 PM

Car and Driver has just test driven the 2011 335i with the all new N55 engine and comes back with a favorable impression. In fact, the title of the article states that one of their favorite cars just got a little bit better.

05/19/2010    3:45 PM

In the BMW CEO Norbert Reithofers report (full report below) to shareholders yesterday, the CEO confirmed the F10 5-series Activehybrid will begin production in 2011 and that BMW also has plans for a 3-series hybrid (presumably with the next generation F30 / F32 3-series).

05/19/2010    1:00 PM

If you haven’t yet seen this commercial, make sure to see inside because it’s a good one. One of the more inspiring 3-series commercial in a while, the spot evokes the storied history of the 3-series, with images from 34 years of 3-series history, and messages that the 3-series “exemplifies the essence of BMW.”

05/17/2010    11:44 AM

The F31 2012 3-series touring variant of the next generation 3-series has now been spotted for the first time! Although not much of the cars details are yet revealed, the overall shape and proportions are very attractive, much like those of the stunning F11 5-series touring.

Attachment 387263

Attachment 387264

Attachment 387265

Attachment 387266

05/14/2010    7:00 AM

Congrats to 5POST member gordocam on his newly delivered F10 530d! He’s head over heels over the car already, but managed to tear himself away from the steering wheel to post up his initial review. Read on.

05/10/2010    3:30 AM

Grassroots Motorsports recently concluded their 335i project. The objective of their project was to take a 2008 E92 335i and attempt to make it as fast as an M3 around the track for less than half the difference in price ($15,000 at the time of the initial article). Did they succeed? Check inside.

05/07/2010    1:30 PM


Extolling the virtues of station wagons is something we at C/D love to do; after all, they combine sedan-like driving dynamics and fuel efficiency with increased utility. But we have to face the reality that the wagon is as endangered in the United States as its ever been, and our raves likely serve as eulogies more than anything else.

Dynamically, the wagon is every bit as rewarding to drive as the sedan. Both feel solid and display the same great body control and harmony among the primary controls. The steering, handling, and ride feel exactly as good as a 328i … CONTINUED

05/01/2010    5:00 PM

When the LCI 3-series coupe was released, so was a deluge of wallpapers, photos and videos related to the car. Oddly enough only a handful of pictures of the car with the factory M-Sport kit were released. Luckily now, we’ve gotten a few more added to our official thread, so if this car is up your ally, you might want to visit the thread and download a wallpaper!

04/25/2010    12:19 PM

A new definition in Premium Style. BMW 3er Coupe and Cabrio.

The latest Autobild features the next generation BMW 3er Cabrio in its news pages. Although it remains an interpretation using inside information , although not exact it offers an insight into the final appearance of the car.

What is known about the next generation model F32 and F33?

The adaption of using a different exterior to the sedan , established with the E92 continues to the next platform as this has allowed the E92 to be BMWs must successful interpretation of an executive compact sports coupe.

What is going to seperate the car further will be the inclusion of different shapes for the headlights … CONTINUED