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06/30/2010    6:45 PM

Jon Sibal shares his latest renders of the 2012 3-series (F30) sedan, which is said by BMW insider Scott26 to be the closest example yet. Said to be an evolutionary jump from the E90 and taking cues from the F10 5-series, the main face and rear are supposed to be considerably sharper than the 5-series.

04/22/2010    5:15 PM

Here is Autoexpress’ latest interpretation of what the 2012 F30 3-series will resemble. They believe that it will be a mix of influences from the CS Concept and 5-series. What do you think of this look?

04/11/2010    1:00 PM

Here’s the latest F30 3-series sedan rendering by Auto Motor und Sport. Expected to debut in two years (2012), but buzz surrounding the BMW F30 is that it will be a revolutionary (rather than evolutionary) change from the E90.

03/18/2010    1:00 PM

French publication Automobile Magazine has just published these new renderings on what a possible next generation F30 3-Series could look like. While my first gut instinct when looking at these was that they took the concept 5-Series GT Clay Models very sleek front end design and applied it to the future 3-Series I have to say the result does work. The details are still a bit to concept-ish and aggressive for a production 3-series, but the general underlying theme does flow quite nice and could be a success if something like this was taken to production by BMW. But you be the judge!

Attachment 360219

Attachment 360220

Source: http://www.automobile-magazine.fr/ac…erie_3_2012__1… CONTINUED

02/05/2010    8:30 AM

Here is the latest artistic impression of the F30 from Germanys AutoBild magazine. As you can see this impression is highly BMW CS Concept car influenced.

After looking at these pictures, Scott26 had this to say:


That broken rear shoulder line actually has its roots in BMW history too most recently it was revived on the CS Concept Car.

it is coming to the 6er as it will on the 3er Coupe.

The 3er Coupe is likely to inherit the next direction taken with the 6er and offer two different models , one with a refined … CONTINUED

10/09/2009    8:33 AM

This impression rendering is probably a fairly accurate guess of what the E92 coupe facelift will resemble, based on what weve seen from its spyshots.

from http://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de

Attachment 313380

05/05/2009    2:32 AM

Auto Motor Und Sport has put together speculative images of the 2012 F30 3-series and upcoming 3-series PAS using elements from BMW’s latest offerings (7-series, Z4 and 5-series GT)

11/18/2008    12:35 PM

Note! This is a photoshop and not an actual picture of a real car!!

Well, believe it or not, BMW is already working on the next generation 3-series just as the new facelift E90s are coming out.

The 3 series accounts for about 44% of BMW sales, so suffice it to say its important and BMW has to get it right every time. BMW is taking its cues from the CS concept and will incorporate both dynacism and elegance all in one.

BMW will also go headstrong with their EfficientDynamics push with the 3 series and are planned to downsize the engine size across the board with increased use of turbos to keep the power levels high.

The next generation car is said to be revealed at the Geneva motor show in 2012.

Should be … CONTINUED

03/13/2008    10:14 PM

The next 3-series is slated to arrive in 2012 and will likely be under the chassis name F30. Many changes are expected, but some unexpected. German magazine Autobild gives us some of their insights