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06/27/2010    5:35 PM

Autoblog recently revisited the 2010 335i E90 sedan. So it’s not the latest 335i, but the reviewer feels the 2010 335i really deserves wave after wave of gushing prose in reviews and no doubt remains the benchmark of mid-sized sedans. And this isn’t just the BMW-koolaid talking.

05/25/2010    9:35 AM

Car and Driver reviews the Dinan S3 335i and is impressed with the power, chassis, and handling upgrades, all the while maintaining a very civil ride quality. Read on…

05/20/2010    2:00 PM

Car and Driver has just test driven the 2011 335i with the all new N55 engine and comes back with a favorable impression. In fact, the title of the article states that one of their favorite cars just got a little bit better.

05/07/2010    1:30 PM


Extolling the virtues of station wagons is something we at C/D love to do; after all, they combine sedan-like driving dynamics and fuel efficiency with increased utility. But we have to face the reality that the wagon is as endangered in the United States as its ever been, and our raves likely serve as eulogies more than anything else.

Dynamically, the wagon is every bit as rewarding to drive as the sedan. Both feel solid and display the same great body control and harmony among the primary controls. The steering, handling, and ride feel exactly as good as a 328i … CONTINUED

04/22/2010    10:55 AM

Heres a nice initial overview of the 2011 335is experience from our friends at BIMMERFILE

For all 335is info and media, see our OFFICIAL 335is INFO THREAD.


Heres a thought; the 335is is more of a replacement for et E46 M3 than the current M3. Its got similar power (320 hp) with decidedly more torque (332 ft-lbs) for performance that is equal if not better than the previous M3. Its powered by a six cylinder powerplant like the M3 (albeit turbocharged) and weighs about the same (i.e. about 200 lb. less than the current M3).

04/13/2010    8:30 PM

We recently published a great review from E90post member Kamando of his 335d M-sport as a highway cruiser. There was however a more important question he had yet to answer: Can the 335d possibly be any fun to drive on the Nürburgring? His answer is a resounding “Hell Yes!” Review inside.

04/02/2010    1:30 PM

M is for monster, more specifically, in this case, the Diesel fed Torque kind that dwells in the Bavarian countryside. So says E90post member Kamando who embarked on 1,300 mile journey in his new 335d from the Bavarian farmlands to the beaches of Normandy and back. Two things became readily apparent throughout this trip. The 335d was built for the open road, and torque is your friend. Check out his great review inside.

03/23/2010    7:00 PM

Edmunds Inside Line test drives the facelifted 2011 3-series coupe and convertible. Check out their thoughts on the styling and technical changes to the 3-series’ newest model year.

03/20/2010    6:17 PM

C&D stacks the BMW 328i convertible up against its 4-seat convertible rivals – the Audi A5, Infiniti G37, and the Lexus IS350C. Despite having the least power of the bunch, the 328i still manages to come out on top, a testament to the car’s BMW driving dynamic and overall feel.