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02/05/2010    8:30 AM

Here is the latest artistic impression of the F30 from Germanys AutoBild magazine. As you can see this impression is highly BMW CS Concept car influenced.

After looking at these pictures, Scott26 had this to say:


That broken rear shoulder line actually has its roots in BMW history too most recently it was revived on the CS Concept Car.

it is coming to the 6er as it will on the 3er Coupe.

The 3er Coupe is likely to inherit the next direction taken with the 6er and offer two different models , one with a refined … CONTINUED

08/05/2009    8:12 AM

Here’s a controversial article by Autocar UK on the radical changes that future 3-series may undergo. Nothing is yet confirmed by BMW.

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07/02/2009    9:17 AM

BMW continues to expand its lineup with the green light given on a 3-series GT model. Expect it to hit the streets in 2011.

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05/05/2009    5:09 PM

The 3er GT is about 180 degrees from the 5er GT , although they will share the same bloodline , The 3er GT is a hybrid of a Touring and a Sporting shooting brake design. To understand the design of the 3er GT you have to go back to the original RFK Concept , With this design many within BMW loved the original intention unfortunately BMW had to re-interpret it’s conception to a vehicle that would become today’s 5er Gran Turismo.

03/18/2009    3:09 PM

Summary: turbo 4 and 6 cylinder engines are going to be an M staple along with a focus on lightweight. Gone will be the days of large displacement and high horsepower engines

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