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01/09/2009    2:03 PM

These are purported to be pics of a very early test mule for the next generation BMW 3-series (F30). If true, the modifications to an E90 body are likely for chassis testing only, but hint that the F30 3-series will have a wider (and perhaps longer) wheelbase. Expect the actual final sheet metal to be different, of course. The F30 3-series is expected in 2012.

And please, please dont make posts such as “its hideous.” If this is truly a test mule, its only undergoing chassis testing and what you see here is not at all indicative of what the F30 will resemble. This was only posted because it would be an interesting bit of news to know that the next generation 3-series is already undergoing testing.

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11/18/2008    12:35 PM

Note! This is a photoshop and not an actual picture of a real car!!

Well, believe it or not, BMW is already working on the next generation 3-series just as the new facelift E90s are coming out.

The 3 series accounts for about 44% of BMW sales, so suffice it to say its important and BMW has to get it right every time. BMW is taking its cues from the CS concept and will incorporate both dynacism and elegance all in one.

BMW will also go headstrong with their EfficientDynamics push with the 3 series and are planned to downsize the engine size across the board with increased use of turbos to keep the power levels high.

The next generation car is said to be revealed at the Geneva motor show in 2012.

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07/24/2008    8:51 PM

E90 LCI USA-Version (there is no remarkable difference to the EU-Version when not flashing the red rear-flashlights, besides of a little orange stripe on the side of the front fender (not viewable on the fotos))

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Have fun

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07/13/2008    5:43 PM

The all new facelift of the 3 series sedan has been a general hit among the forum crowd. However, here is the car everyone has been itching to see, the M-Technik kit equipped version. That was fast BMW…

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07/08/2008    5:48 PM


BMW is in the midst of its final testing for the U.S.-spec 335d–the first diesel-powered Bimmer to be sold in North America. The introduction of the 335d will coincide with the launch of facelifted sheetmetal destined for the entire 3-series lineup.

Due to e-mission restrictions, the U.S. version of the 335d will reportedly be down on power from its European cousin (265 hp and 425 lb-ft of torque vs. 282 hp and 428 lb-ft.), but even our U.S. numbers–especially the fat torque number–promise terrific performance that may well be enough convince people to make the move to diesel.

As with the 335i gasoline engine, BMW will use two turbochargers–a small, low-pressure turbo to aid low-end acceleration and a more potent turbo to help at higher … CONTINUED

07/02/2008    5:29 PM

Motorauthority has released this presumably pshop of what the E90 facelift will look like, but it looks pretty damn accurate to the real car to me based on the spy shots we have already seen. Looks like the perfect facelift, not to major of a change, but still good looking.

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04/22/2008    3:46 PM

The striptease isn’t over until the last piece of black tape is removed :) Here are the latest photos of the upcoming BMW 3-series facelift caught on the streets of Europe

03/21/2008    5:33 PM

An upcoming crossover variant based off of the 3-series has been caught testing again. Its current form is that of a E91 touring body on a raised suspension platform (probably just for testing drivetrain/suspension/etc..), which will no doubt be replaced eventually by the crossovers actual body shell.

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03/20/2008    5:35 PM

Here are the first photos of a facelifted M-tech/M-sport E90 Sedan in Space Gray.

Looks like the rear tailights are LED.