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03/22/2013    2:30 PM

Now that we have seen the production 4 Series coupe fully uncovered, a natural comparison to draw is between the 4 Series coupe (F32) and the model that it succeeds, the 3 Series coupe (E92).

We do not yet know the official dimensions of the production 4 Series coupe, but for reference the concept 4 series dimensions are:

1.6 inches longer than E92 3 Series coupe
1.6 inches wider than E92 3 Series Coupe
1.3 inches lower than E92 3 Series Coupe
1.9 inches longer wheelbase than E92 3 Series coupe
1.7 inches wider front track than E92 3 Series coupe
3.1 inches wider rear track than E92 3 Series coupe

Note: these are calculated using concept (not production) 4 Series dimensions

03/22/2013    10:15 AM

We have updated with even more photos of the BMW F32 4 Series (435i) coupe in Sport Line, showing even more angles. Enjoy!

03/22/2013    8:53 AM

Caught during a night time photo shoot is this production F32 4 Series Coupe, which gives us the first ever look at the final (and uncovered) 4 Series!

This 435i coupe still looks unique, sleek and sporty despite its toned down front fascia, rear bumper and side view mirrors designs (compared to the concept model). The unique tail lights from the concept version also have not been carried over from the concept. The headlights seen here are the optional full LED headlights.

This appears to be a Sport Line 4 Series model. The wheels are the optional 19″ Style 407 wheels.

Also as expected, we now see the functional air breather vents in the front fender, which began appearing with the 3 Series GT model and will … CONTINUED

03/13/2013    8:30 PM

We have added some additional info and pages from the dealer order guide for the BMW 4 Series Coupe, showing samples of the available paint, wheel, upholstery and interior trim.

03/13/2013    3:55 PM

U.S. BMW dealers have now received order forms for ordering their first demo 435i and 428i coupes (just as they did recently for the 2014 X5), and the forms give us a good general preview of the different lines, options and packages to expect for the 2014 BMW 435i and 428i (U.S. configuration).

Not much surprises on here, but it does show that full LED head lights will be available on the 4 Series (just as we spied up-close yesterday) and it may be equipped with the new 609 Navigation Professional system. There are also some new M Sport wheels options (Style 441M and 442M).

Like the F30 3 Series, the 4 Series coupe will be available in “Lines” but it does not appear to be … CONTINUED

03/13/2013    1:40 PM

Testing and development of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe (F36) continues, with the prototypes undergoing cold weather testing in Sweden.

As always, don’t worry about the headlights and tail lights of the prototypes at this stage of testing. They are merely fakes for testing purposes. Expect the 4GC to share the lights with the rest of the upcoming 4 Series lineup.

Codenamed as the F36, the 4 Series Gran Coupe will be positioned and priced in the 3/4 Series lineup just as the 6 Series Gran Coupe is positioned in the 5/6 Series lineup (in between the coupe and convertible models). [See our recent article previewing the future 4 Series / M4 lineup].

Like the 6 Series Gran Coupe, the 4 Series Gran Coupe combines the convenience … CONTINUED

03/12/2013    1:56 PM

We bring you the latest sighting of the 2014 BMW 4 Series (F32) Coupe. What we’re seeing here is a 435i Coupe showing clearly for the first time LED headlights and large parts of its interior front cabin.

The optional LED headlights feature squared off coronal rings (angel eyes) much like the optional LED headlights seen in other recent BMW models. Sadly however, the optional LED headlights will not feature the special design seen on the BMW 4 Series Concept’s LED headlights which featured hexagonal lights with the corona rings leading out from the inner headlight tube to form a visual link with the inner headlight and the kidney grille.

As we’ve already seen in past spy photos, the 4 Series interior remains close to the … CONTINUED

02/27/2013    11:40 AM

As its more hulking brother, the BMW M4 Coupe (F82) drops some camouflage, so too has the 4 Series Coupe (F32).

This group of 4 Series Coupe prototypes are the most revealing we have seen yet, with heavy camouflage now removed from the headlights, C-pillar, and front fender areas. What’s revealed is no surprise, but does give us a better preview at the final product.

We can now see the headlights connected to the kidney grilles, the hoffmeister kink in the rear windows, and the opening for the boomerang front fender vents. We also get the first look at the interior of the production 4 Series Coupe.

We will see the production F32 4 Series Coupe revealed sometime this Summer (with an auto show debut in the Fall). … CONTINUED

02/20/2013    8:30 PM

BMW Insider Scott26 provides a preview of the upcoming F33 4 Series Convertible:

We will shortly be seeing FEP (final evaluation phase) F33 Cabrios very soon as they have arrived for camouflage application at the FIZ , some other new unseen models have arrived in order to begin public testing.

In the meantime we know what the car will bring.
The 4er Cabrio will be launched six months after the Coupe later this Spring.
Which means we will see it later this year with a debut set for the NAIAS in 2014. Before arriving in early 2014.

Instead of a request by the North American market to utilise a soft top so customers could distinguish the Coupe from the Cabrio. BMW responded to the reaction of the Chinese … CONTINUED