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11/18/2009    2:19 PM

Fifth Gear reviews the 530d GT and has positive things to say, including that it handles better than some sports cars. See Vicki Butlers review inside.

Watch from 2:25 seconds in.

11/18/2009    1:25 PM

BMWNA has released the pricing for the 2010 BMW 550i GT. Base pricing starts at $63,900. Full pricing inside.

11/07/2009    8:42 AM

Hartge has now joined the fray. Hartge, which likes to be known not as a tuner but an auto manufacturer, because of their ability to re-craft cars from the inside out, have now apparently turned their attention to the newest BMW, the 550i, 535i and 530d GT.

Hartge has shod the 5er GT with 22" wheels coupled with a lowering kit (30mm). Small interior touches are also made available, but I expect in the future Hartge will tackle a full engine rework as well as exterior styling kits.

Attachment 323392

Attachment 323393

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Attachment 323395


10/13/2009    1:10 AM

Photographer Mario-Roman Lambrecht has posted up his work in shooting the 5er GT while on scene at Lisbon. Visit Mr. Lambrechts page for the complete set of photos:

10/02/2009    5:14 PM

Well, to be honest, I didnt understand a word of this review. Its just not my language. I dont even know if they liked it or hated it. The body language of the presenter (along with the music) makes me think that the reviewer in the end found the car to be lacking in some facet.

But the video is of high quality, certainly shows the car from some very interesting angles and gets some great shots of the interior. Features of the car that defy language barriers certainly seep through and overall, I found the video enjoyable.

If you are interested in this car, take a click over to autojunk for the video: … CONTINUED

09/25/2009    5:12 PM

Motor Trend discusses some of the technology highlights behind the upcoming 5-series Gran Turismo “GT”, including the engine, 8 speed tranny, brake re-gen, active steering, LED lighting.

09/06/2009    10:25 AM

Well the car that everyone loves to hate has hit the press circuit and the reviews are starting to roll in. I think I am more maliable then others, and I actually love the styling of the car and from photos the interior oozes high end luxury and quality. So I was sold instantly. The only thing I didnt like was the rear end, but not because I thought it was poorly styled, I just dont like the cross-over shape. But given the cross-over shape, I think BMW did a good job making it look as car like as possible. It came out far better then any other cross-over I can think of (look at the new Honda cross-over or the … CONTINUED

08/01/2009    12:51 PM

Hamann is the first to fit aftermarket wheels on the 5-series GT. What do you think? AC Schnitzer shouldn’t be far behind.

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07/30/2009    1:34 PM

This great set of BMW 5-series GT pics were taken by Checkered Flag BMW and shows some great exterior and interior features and functions.

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