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01/31/2011    3:40 PM

Hamann has released some great looking new aero parts to enhance the factory F10 M-sport package – consisting of the Hamann Competition Front Spoiler and Rear Center Molding/Panel. Paired with factory whiteline tail lights on a black F10, these parts look seriously mean!

01/30/2011    6:30 PM

Beginning in March, frozen black and frozen gray matte paint will be offered on the F10 sedan and F11 touring. This will represent the first time that BMW is officially offering the matte paint options for a non-M car. The two matte paint options will be available with the F10 and F11 M-sport packages and will be available on all models of the F10 and F11. The special paint option will not come cheap however, estimated to be 3300 euros.

Related to this, below is a photo of a recently spotted matte black F10 5-series sedan. Could this be a BMW prototype of the upcoming matte paint option? Official or not, it gives us a preview of how the F10 will appear in frozen black paint!… CONTINUED

01/25/2011    12:40 PM

The BMW Group UK has scooped seven awards from one of the country’s leading fleet publications. Business Car magazine has honoured the BMW Group with the headline accolade of ‘Manufacturer of the Year’, for the third year in a row, in recognition of BMW’s diverse product portfolio and class-leading running costs.

The title ‘Business Car of the Year’ was awarded to the new BMW 5 Series for its combination of superior build quality, driving dynamics and class-leading economy, while ‘Green Car of the Year’ was scooped by the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics.

Continuing on from their success in 2010 the BMW X5 was again named ‘Large 4×4 of the year’, the BMW 3 Series took home ‘Upper Medium Car of the Year’ for the second year in a … CONTINUED

01/24/2011    6:45 PM

Yet another victory for the F10 5-series. ADAC, the German equivalent of AAA, held its annual car of the year contest called “Gelber Engel”. More than 230,000 ADAC members participated and picked their favourite new car 2011. The winner: BMW’s F10 5-series. As suprising this may sound, but this is a first for BMW as no other BMW model could win this price before. Among the contenders were the new Mercedes CLS and the Audi A1 which finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

01/22/2011    10:05 AM

China has really proved itself to be ahead of the curve on the EV front and it seems BMW will come on board and produce an all electric 5-Series exclusively for the Chinese market.

This new car is not to be confused with the ActiveHybrid 5, which will have its official launch in September 2011. The ActiveHybrid 5 still has a gasoline motor afterall. No this new car will be an all electric vehicle and would likely fall under BMWs growing ActiveE project.

Autonews Europe is referencing a report from the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper which pinpoints a partnership between BMW and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd in order to produce the vehicle. Brilliance is BMWs current partner in building standard Chinese market BMW 5-Series, which includes … CONTINUED

01/19/2011    4:05 PM

On the heels of the big BMW turbo 4-cylinder news yesterday, SCOTT26 has provided some dates for the switchover of certain BMW models from the current inline 6-cylinder to the new twinpower turbo I4 motor, as well as the end of production of the current 3-series, M3 and 1-series.

Here is the I4 switchover and end of production schedule (inside).

01/18/2011    11:00 AM

German AMS has published an interesting article comparing the BMW 525d sedan with the Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 D.

Unlike the name suggests, the 525d is powered by BMW’s N57 3.0l inline-6 Diesel engine, yet with a lower output of 204hp and 450 NM (530d: 258hp). It’s quite popular in Europe because it’s the entry level inline-6 Diesel. The car tested was matched with the optional 8-speed automatic.

Just like the name suggests, the Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 D is powered by a 275ph 3.0l V6 Diesel engine. The test car was equipped with a six-speed automatic which AMS considers a good match despite lacking the refinement of BMW’s automatic.

The verdicts:

The BMW 525d scored 530 points (out of 650) and wins this comparison. The … CONTINUED

01/17/2011    6:30 PM

Here’s a first teaser for one of the most heated ‘battles’ in 2011. Audi recently pulled the wraps off their all new A6, and this encouraged the folks at Autozeitung to a first comparison. The contenders: BMW F10 5-series and Mercedes-Benz E-class.

Autozeitung on the exterior:
“There are no suprises here, all three cars are in good shape and will age well. The Mercedes is rather ‘classic’, the BMW as usual sporty due to it aggresive kidney grilles. The design of the Audi is sharp and precise, but it could have used a bit more effort to change the trademark singleframe grille. Nonetheless, it’s a car to look forward owning.”

Autozeitung continues saying that the A6 comes in 80 kg less than the predecessor, in average. … CONTINUED

01/12/2011    11:00 AM

While others are speculating what to expect from the new BMW M5 coming later this year, the German Autozeitung didn’t waste its time guessing about the future but rather attended to the hottest F10 5er to date, the Alpina B5 Biturbo. Ingredients? To name just a few, 4.4L V8 Biturbo rated at 507hp and 700NM, 8-speed automatic, and limited slip differential (optional).

The outcome? As Autozeitung puts it, the Alpina B5 is the “best and most powerful F10 5er to date.” They praise the “felicitous combination of powerful, yet refined, engine, top notch quality and good comfort.”

As usual with Alpina models, exterior changes over any regular F10 5-series model are limited. An exclusive Alpina blue paint (€ 2.870) and 20 inch Alpina Classic wheels are … CONTINUED