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10/13/2009    10:51 AM

This car is the first of its type for BMW. The versatility of an SUV combined with the elegance of a sedan. So as AC Schnitzer claim, it was a natural car for them to do their work on. That or the fact that ACS (or any tuner for that matter) has the potential to hit a homerun with the GT. It is a car that after all has the potential to look great with just a few touchups, the first and formost are a bigger set of wheels to fill out those large wheel arches and give balance to the very large trunk. And so now ACS has released its set of wheels for the GT which are being offered … CONTINUED

10/12/2009    10:07 AM

Here is the latest rendering of the BMW 5-Series due to be unveiled at the Geneva show. This rendering is inline with what the majority of automotive pundits think the car will look like. This rendering is interesting in that it seriously tackles not only the front end but the side profile view of the car as well.

Attachment 314288

10/08/2009    8:37 AM

Here’s another round of F10 5-series sighting, and some fresh pics. Although no less camoflage on this car, the rear lighting elements can be seen clearly, as well as the general shape and lines of the F10′s rear.

09/28/2009    8:41 AM

Seen here is the next gen Alpina B5 already in testing. That Alpina already has a F10 5-series to work with shows the close relationship that the Germany manufacturer/tuner continues to have with BMW. This continues a trend of Alpina having access to still-in-development BMWs prior to the models debut. We most recently saw the Alpina B7 in development prior to its introduction.

Attachment 310158

09/11/2009    9:28 AM

Featured in this video are various F10 5-series in motion. Until now we have really only seen the 5-series with the minimal camoflage in still photos. While the video isnt of the greatest quality, you can clearly tell that the car looks great in motion… IMO.

One of the new colors seen in the video is a new Amethyst Silver color for the upcoming F10.


09/03/2009    1:26 PM

Seems that were now seeing new daily shots of the F10 5-series, and thats fine by us as its shaping up to be a gorgeous car!

09/01/2009    11:47 AM

2011 5-series (F10) FEP-stage test cars continue their testing around Germany, this time spotted at a gas station.

08/29/2009    9:43 AM

2011 F10 5-series sightings continue as this test car was spotted parked in a German garage.

08/19/2009    8:53 PM

Coinciding with our newest F10 5-series photos comes official insider info regarding the F10′s purpose, design, and goals. Read inside.

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