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09/08/2010    6:50 PM

See inside for the the entire list of changes that will take place to most BMW models beginning in September 2010 when the 2011 model year begins for most models. This is a must read primer on ALL changes coming.

09/04/2010    2:30 PM

5POST members are wasting no time in personalizing their F10 5-series. Member kfiend has done so by fitting his F10 with whiteline taillights, aftermarket wheels, and BMW Performance grilles and trunk spoiler. These pics are our first look at the whitelines in action.

09/02/2010    6:00 PM

The F10 aftermarket is starting to fill in and Eisenmann is in on the market early with their F10 535i exhaust system. Featuring quad rolled exhaust tips, this system gives some serious grunt to the N55 motor. Check out the preview photos and videos inside.

08/30/2010    10:44 AM

Lumma has introduced its F10 5-series – the CLR 500 RS2, at the Mosow Motor Show. The CLR 500 RS2 boasts 380hp and extensive bodywork not meant for the timid. Its exterior features a matte black paint matched to carbon fiber hood, trunk spoiler, and rear bumper bits.

08/27/2010    10:30 AM

Insideline has strapped a 2011 535i onto the dyno. This is the first we have seen an F10 5-series on the dyno and its N55 motor produced 277rwhp / 283lb-ft torque, translating approximately to BMW’s claimd 300hp / 300 lb-ft torque figures for the 2011 535i.

08/26/2010    3:30 PM

The much anticipated F10 5-series whiteline tail lights have finally been spotted on an F10. They are an option for F10 owners wanting a colorless look by replacing the red tail light parts with a “whiteline” replacement. There is a groupbuy underway in our F10 classifieds for interested F10 owners.

08/25/2010    10:00 AM

Edmunds Inside Line has taken the F10 2011 535i out to the track for some testing. Here are the video and performance results they managed to achieve with the 535i. Performance measures recorded include 0-60 time, 1/4 mile, slalom speed, skid pad lateral acceleration (G’s), and braking distance.

08/24/2010    4:30 PM

A popular modification on late model BMWs is swapping the chrome factory kidney grilles for blacked out versions. But, every model requires a slightly different method for the swap. 5POST member LACSTER has put together this great easy to follow DIY guide for the F10 grille swap.

08/22/2010    7:00 AM

When a new BMW model is introduced, it’s interesting to see whether it ends up being a model which tends to be long term keepers or more short term leases. To our F10 owners, what are your plans? Indefinite ownership? 6-7 years until next 5-series model is available? Or just until lease is up? Share your plans.