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01/26/2010    10:00 AM

We’ve added a few new videos to the official 5-Series GT thread. Enjoy!

01/25/2010    9:00 AM

Admist the recent flurry of F10 5-series reviews its nice to see the car from a different perspective. In this case, the perspective is as simple as a color change. Given that Alpine White is one of the more popular colors for BMWs in the USA, we will be very likely to see this color combination ALOT, and its nice to see the F10 wear this color so well.

01/24/2010    10:00 AM

So far, ActiveHybrid cars have been interesting reads, but very much out of reach for the average BMW enthusiast. The system has exclusively been fit to the 7 series and X6, two of the most expensive cars in the BMW lineup. Whats worse, the mere addition of Active Hybrid to those cars has shot the price tag up even higher.

Now for the good news, the system is working its way down the lineup, and will arrive under the hood of the new F10 5-series. While, its a near guarantee that the car will be very expensive, it should be much more affordable and attainable then the ActiveHybrid 7 and X6.

When the new 5-series … CONTINUED

01/23/2010    12:10 PM

AutoSpies looks like they had alot of fun in Portugal with the BMW press events for the new 5-Series and 335is. They put up this excellent video review of the new 5er, which IMO is a must watch. Hit play, sit back and relax

01/22/2010    5:00 PM

Bengt Halvorson with The Car Connection was at the Portugal press event and give his take on the new F10 5-Series. Here is a telling quote from the article: The new 2011 BMW 535i is more of a drivers car than than the current 2010 5-Series…

01/22/2010    4:00 PM

Car and Driver magazine has put up their review of the new 5-series straight from Portugal. Read the select quotes below but make sure to follow the link the full article! Indeed, you can take comfort in the fact that the 2011 BMW 5-series looks like the latest 7-series, but it is more tight, dynamic, and alert. The new 5 does a nice job masking its size and mass.

01/22/2010    2:30 PM

The photography is really nice in this review, and the article is well written. Follow the link below for the full article, or just read the quotes. We’re now officially 37 years beyond the introduction of the first-generation 5 Series and we still havent gotten over it. When were in take-it-easy mode, the new 5 Series feels damned near ideal and not boatlike in the least. Then we punch Sport+ in BMWs Driving Dynamics Control and knock out all the stability control systems when its safe to do so, and the gnarlier spirit of the 2011 BMW 535i glows through the handsomely toned-down interior redesign. Van Hooydonk and his team, like all design squads these days, have had to give paramount … CONTINUED

01/22/2010    12:20 PM

After the recent press event in Portugal, automotive journalists are wasting no time in giving their impressions of the 535i. So far, its smooth sailing. This time, Road and Track magazine share their thoughts. Below are some select quotes, but follow the links at the bottom of the page for the full article! It takes only a couple laps of Estoril, the famed Iberian circuit that held Formula 1 races in its mid-1980s heyday, to find that the new 6th-generation BMW 535i handles with the precision and fluidity expected from the marque. The small twin turbos of its predecessor are gone, replaced by a somewhat larger twin-scroll unit, but rest assured that lag is all but unnoticeable. Torque is delivered over a … CONTINUED

01/22/2010    11:55 AM

AutoWeekUSA has done a really nice synopsis of the upcoming F10 535i. Here are some select quotes from the full article which you can read by following the link down below. On the highway, the 535is engine is barley audible at a steady cruise. That’s because BMW geared the eight-speed automatic so high, you rarely need more than 2,000 rpm; the top gear runs a 0.667:1 ratio. The new electro-mechanical steering system with rear-wheel steer makes the 535i even more maneuverable around town than before. With optional adjustable suspension in comfort mode, the low-speed ride is sufficiently supple to soak up broken surfaces with authority. This car is terrifically composed with great stability, a nice tied-down feel and hugely impressive refinement at higher speeds.… CONTINUED