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10/27/2009    4:13 PM

The F10 5-series is being spotted daily, and though sporting the same camoflage, the angles and light conditions makes these pics some of the most revealing yet!

I think it looks absolutely stunning in the first photo!

Attachment 319421

Attachment 319422

Attachment 319423

Attachment 319424

Attachment 319425

Attachment 319426

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Attachment 319428

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10/26/2009    3:54 PM

Coming on the heels of this morning’s latest revealing F10 5-series spy photos are these pics of the F10′s almost fully uncovered interior!

10/26/2009    6:54 AM

The guys over at autowereld.com have snagged some new photos of the same black F10 previously caught hiding behind a fenced BMW lot (http://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=314317). But now the car is on the roads, and is looking low slung and sleek. The sleekest midsize sedan Ive ever seen to be honest. Expect some more camo to some off next week!

Source: http://www.autowereld.com/spyshots/d…euwe%20BMW%205

Attachment 318994

Attachment 318995

Attachment 318996

Attachment 318997

Attachment 318998

10/25/2009    4:10 PM

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo will make its North American debut at the South Florida International Auto Show October 23-November 1. Pricing will be announced closer to the on-sale date.

10/22/2009    8:01 AM

Heres a black F10 5-series with less camoflage and some latest shots of the interior.

10/20/2009    8:55 PM

Seen here are the most revealing F10 5-series photos yet. The strip tease continues and this test car sports the least camoflage to date. Shes shaping up to be a beauty folks!!

Attachment 317360

Attachment 317361

Attachment 317362

Attachment 317363

Attachment 317364

From Motorauthority: http://www.motorauthority.com/pictur…ry-1#100231338

10/14/2009    7:49 AM

This color looks like a more deep gold color then Cashmere, but regardless you get the idea. I really hope BMW doesnt decide to launch the car in this color, Ive always hated it This car was spotted by the guys over at carenthusiast.com near Kitzbuhel in Austria. In terms of appearance, the car seems to be wearing almost the same exact amount of camoflague as the other tester cars, the difference being the underlying paint color. Enjoy!

Make sure to visit carenthusiast.com for the complete set of pictures and article: http://www.carenthusiast.com/news/ar…spy+shots.html

Attachment 315007

Attachment 315008

Attachment 315009

10/13/2009    10:15 PM

New F10 5-series photos from some hard track testing. These photos give some great new perspectives of the F10 5-series due to their top-down angle:

10/13/2009    10:51 AM

This car is the first of its type for BMW. The versatility of an SUV combined with the elegance of a sedan. So as AC Schnitzer claim, it was a natural car for them to do their work on. That or the fact that ACS (or any tuner for that matter) has the potential to hit a homerun with the GT. It is a car that after all has the potential to look great with just a few touchups, the first and formost are a bigger set of wheels to fill out those large wheel arches and give balance to the very large trunk. And so now ACS has released its set of wheels for the GT which are being offered … CONTINUED