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02/17/2009    5:58 PM

Talk about a major screwup. Here we have a leaked photo of the F10 5 Series front end. This is no photoshop job, this is the real deal and it seems to have been leaked WAY in advance of the release of this car and I’d have to assume this is unintended. I do have to say that this looks to be the best styled 5-series ever and I’m in serious anticipation of this car!!

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01/14/2009    2:13 PM

These are the very first pictures of the new BMW 5-series Touring. Snapped testing in Germany, the new 5-series estate will boast BMW’s latest Efficient Dynamics technology, Concept CS-inspired looks, an eight-speed automatic gearbox and a further development of the current car’s aluminium and steel platform.

But the new 5-series Touring will still have a sloping rear end so if you’re after a particularly roomy 5-series we’d suggest its sister, Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) isntead, which BMW insiders claim offers as much interior space as a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

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12/28/2008    2:33 AM

I would classify this as MAJOR news. It seems somehow a photo of the new 5 Series (F10) bumper has been leaked onto the internet so we now have a complete idea of half of the front end of this car. Let the photoshopping begin!

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09/15/2008    8:08 PM

With the BMW 5-Series Security, BMW offers an armoured sedan in the premium segment of the upper medium category. Thanks to their unique security concept, the BMW 550i Security and the BMW 530i Security guarantee effective protection from criminal attacks. The two models combine state-of-the-art security technology with the sporty flair, ride comfort and exclusive fittings characteristic of the BMW 5-Series.

The BMW 5-Series provides an ideal basis for a particularly effective security vehicle at the VR4 ballistic protection level. The sedan offers an impressively striking and prestigious design, supreme handling, generous space and uncompromising premium quality. Superior driving dynamics is ensured by the 8-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines available for the security vehicle, the innovative lightweight construction with aluminium/steel body and all-aluminium chassis as well as sophisticated chassis systems such as … CONTINUED

08/22/2008    8:36 PM

BMW is currently developing a F5 / V5 based on the upcoming F10 5-series. Its best described as an MPV, but unlike the current Touring models the new cars will feature a taller ride-height and high roof to maximize interior space.

In these photos we can now see the exposed grill, including slats. Like the new F01 7-series, the F01 5-series clearly looks to have significantly larger kidney grills up front.

Attachment 179237

Attachment 179238

Attachment 179239

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05/22/2008    8:24 PM

Well folks, the next big step in the upcoming 5-series technical development has finally arrived. The car has now been seen lapping the famed Nurburgring.

The new 5 is still seen wearing its heavy armour suit, but the car is said to borrow heavily from the BMW Concept CS styling to create a more reserved but aggressive look at compared to the current car.

Whats to be expected?

Unsurprisingly, the car will have big kidney grills, ala Concept CS, new 7-series and X6.

Conservative headlights with integrated LED powered eyebrows similar to the current 7-series in idea.

The car will also be a technological advancement platform that will see further evolutions in … CONTINUED

05/21/2008    8:25 PM

The current rumor is that BMW is seriously considering making a hatchback version of the upcoming 5-Series. Why? Well it would be a sort of crossover vehicle that could straddle two market segment and offer BMW a new car in its quest to have a car for every niche personality out there. Sounds like full steam ahead for them

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03/25/2008    5:24 PM

Here are the first photos of the heavily covered interior of the F10 5-series. Getting a glimpse of an upcoming models interior always provides good insight into the future design language of other upcoming BMW models.

Notice the new side-by-side placement of the gear selector and i-drive knob in the middle console. It appears to resemble the new X5s console. We also get a peak at the new steering wheel.

Attachment 139901

Attachment 139902

Attachment 139903

Attachment 139904

Attachment 139905

Attachment 139909

01/30/2008    7:32 PM

The 5 millionth 5-series ever (a Carbon Black Metallic 530d pictured below) to be produced rolled off the assembly line at the Dingolfing plant yesterday. And boy was she a beauty.

A little historical background on BMWs 5-series cars:

- the first generation 5-series (E12) started its life in 1972, based on the 1970 BMW Garmisch 2002ti concept. It debuted at the Geneva Motor Show that year.
- the E12s range of engines consisted of four and six cylinder engines, with a six cylinder 218 horsepower engine at the top range
- the E60s (current 5-series) range of engines consists of six and eight cylinder engines, with a ten cylinder 500 horsepower engine at the top range in the ///M5.

Needless to say, the 5-series has come along way from its 1st to the 5,000,000th … CONTINUED