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12/27/2009    5:34 PM

Sightings of the 2011 F10 5-series continue on public roads as this black F10 was spotted just recently in Munich, looking great among regular traffic and contrasted against other cars.

12/23/2009    1:45 AM

Not much camoflage remains on the F11 5-series touring/wagon, which gives us these clear peeks at how great titanium silver looks on the F11. The world debut of the F11 touring is expected to occur at the 2010 Paris Auto Show.

12/14/2009    12:22 PM

Ever since the F10 was officially unveiled to the world, the F11 has had most of its camo removed, for good reason. The shape and look of the car is known at this point. What is left is for BMW to put the finishing touches to the car and finish up testing in time for the official world premier of this car, later in the year in Paris.

The look of the touring/wagon (f11) compliments the sedan version nicely and goes for the ultra modern and sleek look. The rear end flows with the front nicely, and tapers in a smooth shape which will look more Dodge Magnum then Volvo wagon when all is said and done. This is a good thing! However, we don’t expect … CONTINUED

12/07/2009    10:28 AM

The new F11 aka the 5-Series touring (wagon) seen here in a basicly de-camod state reveals that the midsize BMW wagon will continue with the tried in true format now packaged under the F10 style skin.

The car is elegant as it is sporty and clearly places an emphasis on style over absolute load lugging capacity (after all, thats what the GT is for right?..).

Engine offerings should be similar to the F10 Sedan which range from a 2.0d (in europe) all the way up to the firebreathing 550i V8.

The sedan is expected to arrive in dealerships this Spring, so I would guess this car will arrive shortly thereafter, possibly in … CONTINUED

12/06/2009    8:03 PM

A titanium silver F10 5-series was recently caught on the Autobahn. One of the first sightings of a production version F10 5 series in public.

11/16/2009    8:05 PM

Here is a new compilation of F10 5-series footage, in various colors of 550i and other F10 models, to be unveiled in just 1 week!

11/12/2009    12:51 AM

We bring you another exclusive video, this time a revealing video of the various 2010/2011 5-series variants: the F10 M5 and sedan, as well as the F11 touring. Enjoy!

11/11/2009    1:20 PM

This is an alleged leaked image of the upcoming F10 5-series. Real or digital render? Take a look inside and tell us what you think.

11/05/2009    7:00 AM

Here comes the new BMW 5 Series. This has got to be the most hotly anticipated new BMW in recent memory. While the current E60 5 Series was a bit of a polarizing car, the BMW top brass has promised this car to be the most beautiful BMW is recent history. What does that mean exactly? The car will likely appeal to all the senses and not carry any distracting or ostentatious design cues that some recent BMWs have had in order to get attention.

The svelte design will be mated to BMWs current generation of engines including the increasing proliferation of turbo technology. The interior has been seen as closely mirroring what is on the … CONTINUED