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05/22/2011    11:30 AM

NORBEFILMS sets some beautiful imagery of the F10 5-series M-sport to music by Moby. Enjoy the visuals.

05/12/2011    5:50 PM

BMW Performance Parts Manager Eric Riehle recently took questions from United BMW gathered from Bimmerpost members. On video, he addresses BMW Performance plans for limited slip differential, lease residualization program, new electronic performance steering wheel, M3 performance parts, and N54/N55 performance power kits. Check out the interview inside.

04/16/2011    12:34 PM

Fifth Gear’s Vicki Henderson takes the 535d M-sport against the Jaguar XF Diesel S onto the track for a hotlap showdown at the Assen circuit. Both cars are powered by 6 cylinder turbo diesel engines.

The 535d motor is good for 300hp and 440 pound-feet of torque, which covers 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds while achieving 46.3mpg. The Jaguar XF Diesel S has 275hp under the hood with its 3.0L AJV6D Generation III diesel turbo with 0-60 in 5.9 seconds and an MPG of 42mpg. Winner? Results inside.

04/10/2011    7:00 PM

The F10′s interior design Olive Heilmer and exterior designer Jacek Fröhlich explain their inspirations and philosophies behind their designs for the hot selling F10 5-series. As the video explains in more details, the F10′s interior drew inspiration from fine vintage watches and the exterior goes after a strong and muscular impression, drawing from BMW’s motorsport heritage and Munich’s surrounding mountains.

03/11/2011    3:00 PM

Full extended black panel display dash, one of the most anticipated features of the F10/F11 5-series, has finally arrived beginning with March production 5-series (equipped with the 6WA option). This option has been available on the F07 GT model since it’s introduction, but did not make production F10/F11s so far, despite being listed in the marketing brochures.

02/23/2011    6:25 PM

Here is a live look into the F10 5-series production process, featuring:

Body shop: spot welding by robots. Mounting of side sills on body structure.
Hot-stamping: Heating, compression molding, quenching.
Wedding: Drive unit engine, transmission, axle, exhaust system is bolted to the body.
Final assembly: BMW 5 Series Sedan rolls out of factory.

01/03/2011    8:30 PM

Videos often provide a more dynamic and realistic look to a car, and this video provides such a look at the AC Schnitzer F10 5-series.

12/18/2010    12:00 PM

Autocar has posted its 90 second review of the F10 530d M-sport, giving it an impressive 4 of 5 stars. The F10 M-sport looks great in motion.

11/23/2010    10:55 AM

AC Schnitzer has announced its tuning program for the F11 5-series touring, featuring a full catalog of external and internal cosmetic parts and power and handling modifications. Info, photos and video inside.