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10/17/2010    11:30 AM

The F11 5-series Touring is currently the BMW we most wish was available in the US, but it’s not. Featured here is a beautiful F11 M-sport showing off its latest night vision technology, rear view camera, parking assistant, and badass self.

10/05/2010    11:24 AM

Our F10 owners can drive with the ultimate peace of mind as the 2011 5-series has received the top score on new, more stringent crash tests by the NHTSA. Although this comes as no surprise given the F10s full 5-star crash test results on the european EURO NCAP crash tests.

BMWs 5 Series and Hyundais Sonata received the highest scores for passenger cars and trucks under a new, more stringenet U.S. crash safety rating system. The two cars were the only ones (out of 34 different models) to receive the top safety score of 5 stars. Both vehicles scored four stars in frontal crashes and five stars in side-crashes and rollovers. For the first time, female … CONTINUED

10/05/2010    7:07 AM

AC Schnitzer has released videos of its various exhaust systems for the F10 550i, Z4 sDrive35is, X6M, 135i, 335i, M3, including comparisons to the BMW factory exhaust.

09/23/2010    9:30 PM

Here’s a fascinating look into the day-to-day life at BMW in the birth of a new car. This 3 part series is longer than the original 3 part series on BMW.TV. covering the initial design concepts. As Scott26 says – pay attention because you will see some of these ideas and design elements in the future.

09/22/2010    10:30 PM

Independent car reviewer The Getawayer spends a weekend with the F10 525d. While not an initial fan of the car based solely on styling, a weekend with the car convinces him that the F10 is superb. See his review here.

08/27/2010    10:30 AM

Insideline has strapped a 2011 535i onto the dyno. This is the first we have seen an F10 5-series on the dyno and its N55 motor produced 277rwhp / 283lb-ft torque, translating approximately to BMW’s claimd 300hp / 300 lb-ft torque figures for the 2011 535i.

08/25/2010    10:00 AM

Edmunds Inside Line has taken the F10 2011 535i out to the track for some testing. Here are the video and performance results they managed to achieve with the 535i. Performance measures recorded include 0-60 time, 1/4 mile, slalom speed, skid pad lateral acceleration (G’s), and braking distance.

08/09/2010    8:30 PM

The twin turbo V8 F10 550i sounds fairly aggressive from the factory, but never ones to leave stock alone, our members have begun to their F10 exhausts. These electronic exhaust cutouts have given this 550i some added rumble without the need for a full exhaust swap.

08/02/2010    7:00 PM

Unsatisfied with the tamer look and sound of the factory split dual exhausts of the 2011 535i, 5POST member Lacster has gone the aftermarket route and replaced the stock exhausts with a quad tipped exhaust producing a more aggressive sound and look.