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11/27/2009    2:59 AM

The exterior design of the F10 5-series exterior is explained in this video. The designer of the F10 was Jacek Fröhlich.

11/23/2009    6:58 PM

Press Release

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Munich. The world debut of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan once again marks the epitome of aesthetic design and supreme driving pleasure in the upper midrange segment. Through its sporting and elegant looks, driving dynamics typical of the brand, outstanding efficiency as well as innovative comfort and safety features, the sixth generation of BMW’s executive express convincingly reflects the supreme standard of the world’s most successful manufacturer of … CONTINUED

11/18/2009    2:19 PM

Fifth Gear reviews the 530d GT and has positive things to say, including that it handles better than some sports cars. See Vicki Butlers review inside.

Watch from 2:25 seconds in.

11/16/2009    8:05 PM

Here is a new compilation of F10 5-series footage, in various colors of 550i and other F10 models, to be unveiled in just 1 week!

11/12/2009    12:51 AM

We bring you another exclusive video, this time a revealing video of the various 2010/2011 5-series variants: the F10 M5 and sedan, as well as the F11 touring. Enjoy!

10/12/2009    10:07 AM

Here is the latest rendering of the BMW 5-Series due to be unveiled at the Geneva show. This rendering is inline with what the majority of automotive pundits think the car will look like. This rendering is interesting in that it seriously tackles not only the front end but the side profile view of the car as well.

Attachment 314288

10/02/2009    5:14 PM

Well, to be honest, I didnt understand a word of this review. Its just not my language. I dont even know if they liked it or hated it. The body language of the presenter (along with the music) makes me think that the reviewer in the end found the car to be lacking in some facet.

But the video is of high quality, certainly shows the car from some very interesting angles and gets some great shots of the interior. Features of the car that defy language barriers certainly seep through and overall, I found the video enjoyable.

If you are interested in this car, take a click over to autojunk for the video: … CONTINUED

09/11/2009    9:28 AM

Featured in this video are various F10 5-series in motion. Until now we have really only seen the 5-series with the minimal camoflage in still photos. While the video isnt of the greatest quality, you can clearly tell that the car looks great in motion… IMO.

One of the new colors seen in the video is a new Amethyst Silver color for the upcoming F10.