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03/29/2011    1:16 PM

Here is an even better look at the F13 6-series coupe M-sport package. The shape and styling of the front bumper can be clearly made out on this black 650i coupe. The sideskirts can be completely seen, owing to the black tape on black paint, and it’s easy to use some imagination on gauging what the rear bumper will resemble.

03/28/2011    1:46 PM

We bring you the first clear look at the 2012 6-series M-sport kit on an F13 coupe. Although covered in camouflage tape, it’s easy to make out the shape and style of the various 6-series M sport parts – the front bumper, sideskirts, and rear bumper. In our opinion, the beefy new front bumper which adds to the 6-series’ thin and angular front fascia gives BMW’s top end coupe a much more aggressive character.

The front bumper draws some lines from the F10 5-series M-sport (notably the middle portions), but the bottom/side parts of the side air inlets appear to taper in rather than go straight down as in the F10′s. Also, the front splitter fins don’t appear to come to an angle as on the … CONTINUED

03/21/2011    9:30 AM

When we posted up the first TV commercials for the new 6 series two days ago, there was a pretty big stir. Not over the car or its design, but over the commercial and what the meaning was. Some focused on the two men smiling at each, some focused on the little girl and others bemoaned the fact that the cars weren’t racing around a purebread race track.

First and foremost, we need to understand that these commercials are created by the marketing team, and aren’t a reflection on what the engineers and designers had in their minds, its just a tool to convey a message. And the message should be ideally directed towards the group of people who would potentially buy this car. In this case, … CONTINUED

03/19/2011    10:30 AM

The JOY theme continues into the advertising campaign for the new for 2012 BMW 6 Series, titled JOY FLOWS. With the recent introduction of the Coupe to compliment the convertible, it seems BMW is ready to kick off its broader media campaign, and has put out this visually vivid commercial.

The commercial takes place in a european fountain shooting water onto the cars, think: upscale wet t-shirt contest .

Photos of both cars getting down and wet in the fountains are available in our official threads for both the coupe and the convertible

03/17/2011    11:00 AM

Prior Design provides a preview of their stunning upcoming F12/F13 6-series coupe and convertible aerodynamics kit currently in development. The kit features heavy doses of black-out effect, with black wheels, grilles, side turn signal element, and roof. Also seen is a beefy and aggressive front bumper replacement with carbon fiber lip, a vented hood, quad exhaust and rear bumper replacement with carbon fiber rear diffuser section. Real photos and more details to come when available.

03/15/2011    8:00 AM

Literally one highlight about the just announced BMW 6-Series Coupe are the Adaptive LED headlights. Available as optional equipment for the 6-Series Coupe, horizontal LED ribs positioned in the centre of the light rings are used as light sources for both low beam and high beam. Squared-off LED angel eyes and LED accent lights in the upper corner complete the visual appearance.

But, the LED headlights aren’t just a design feature, they also make for several technical advantages. According to BMW, “their bright white light provides an intense and even illumination of the road ahead. From a colour perspective, the light comes much closer to natural daylight than that created by conventional halogen or xenon headlights, lending even reflective objects far greater contrast.”

03/14/2011    5:30 PM

The Alpina B6 based on the all new 2012 F13 coupe is imagined in even more detail in this stunning rear-view render by philip.

03/14/2011    1:00 PM

We’ve updated the official F13 6-series coupe thread with new exterior and interior photos of the all new 2012 650i coupe (F13). The new photos only reinforce how beautiful the new coupe is, both inside and out. Check out the updated hi-res wallpaper set of photos inside.

03/13/2011    3:00 PM

Harold Wood is certainly getting better and better with his renders, this time he brings the magic of Alpina to the all new 6 Series. Not only is his render spot on, but I think the classic Alpina wheels, color and aerodynamics compliment the shape of the 6 series perfectly, and I predict such a car would be an instant classic. Make sure to check this render out!!