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03/14/2011    5:30 PM

The Alpina B6 based on the all new 2012 F13 coupe is imagined in even more detail in this stunning rear-view render by philip.

03/14/2011    1:00 PM

We’ve updated the official F13 6-series coupe thread with new exterior and interior photos of the all new 2012 650i coupe (F13). The new photos only reinforce how beautiful the new coupe is, both inside and out. Check out the updated hi-res wallpaper set of photos inside.

03/13/2011    3:00 PM

Harold Wood is certainly getting better and better with his renders, this time he brings the magic of Alpina to the all new 6 Series. Not only is his render spot on, but I think the classic Alpina wheels, color and aerodynamics compliment the shape of the 6 series perfectly, and I predict such a car would be an instant classic. Make sure to check this render out!!

03/13/2011    1:00 PM

With the official release of the new 6 series coupe we’ve have gotten our hands on 6 new videos of the car, in full HD quality. These are awesome to watch, especially the lighting sequence video which demonstrates the projector shape that basicly follows the idea seen on the original concept car. Its perfect!

03/13/2011    11:00 AM

The all new 6-series coupe has just been unveiled and we think she’s a beauty. Looks are of course in the eyes of the beholder, but we also think she compares favorably against the predecessor E63 6-series coupe, inside and out. We’ve put together a photo comparison so you can make your own judgements.

Here’s how the new F13 6-series coupe compares with the outgoing model:

192.7 in. (4,894 mm) in length – 2.9 inch (74mm) increase over previous 6-series coupe
112.4 in. (2,855 mm) wheelbase – 2.95 inch (75mm) longer than previous 6-series coupe
74.6 in. (1,894 mm) width – 1.5 inch (39mm) wider over previous 6-series coupe
53.9 in. (1,369 … CONTINUED

03/12/2011    7:09 PM

The time has come for the official release of information, photos, videos and wallpapers related to the all new BMW 6-Series Coupe. And BMW have done it in real style, choose Vermillion Red as the launch color of the coupe, a color that really shows off the lines and the new fixed top roof beautifully!

03/10/2011    11:30 AM

The F13 6-series coupe will be unveiled within weeks, but test mules continue to be spotted. Courtesy of Autogespot, this vermillion red F13 6-series was spotted at a European ski resort. And although there is actually more camouflage on this prototype than even earlier spottings, it nevertheless gives us additional looks of the F13 from different angles and perspectives.

Based on the exhaust tip design and placement, this particular model appears to be a 650i. It is powered by the same 402hp twin-turbo V8 motor (N63) found in the already released 650i convertible and F10 550i.

The 650i coupe is scheduled to begin production in July of this year. Here is the BMW announced production schedule for the F12 / F13 6-series coupe and convertible lineup:

MY 2012:

March 2011 … CONTINUED

03/08/2011    8:29 PM

Download the beautiful and informative F12 6-series convertible product highlights catalog inside. The catalog features the flagship convertible’s most exciting selling points, comparison against its direct competitors, options, and specs.

03/03/2011    10:45 AM

Well folks, we’re all done here at the 2011 Geneva auto show and hope you enjoyed the coverage as much as we enjoyed sharing it with our community. Geneva is always an exciting show because of all shows, it’s arguably the largest in the world and always features an unrivaled number of exotics and tuning companies on display. Geneva is also traditionally one of the most important shows for BMW due to its proximity to BMW’s home market and prominence among the auto show circuit events.

This year again featured several debuts of BMW models, packages, and technologies, as well as plenty of aftermarket tuner models. As a show wrap-up, we’ve summarized our coverage below, enjoy!