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10/13/2010    10:25 AM

This 6-series convertible image has been posted without much fanfare on Autobild.de. Could it possibly be a leak of the upcoming 2012 6-series convertible? Possible as we don’t recall seeing a similar image upon which the render could be based. If this is indeed the 6-series convertible, it looks to be the 650i cabrio (with style 356 wheels), which will begin production in March 2011. The F13 6-series will come with a traditional cloth roof.

Here is the BMW announced production schedule for the F12 / F13 6-series coupe and convertible.

MY 2012:

March 2011 – 650cv
July 2011 – 650cp
September 2011 – 640cp/cv
September 2011 – 650xi cp/cv

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09/30/2010    6:05 PM

By far, the main headline attraction at the 2010 Paris Autoshow is the BMW 6-Series Concept Coupe which is basicly the upcoming BMW 6-Series Coupe with the word Concept appended to it so as to avoid official annoucement, for now.

The car was revealed in dramatic fashion, being driven down a sloping ramp and coming to a stop infront of the assembled international press. Ian Robertson was the host of the day and gave the audience a well done introduction to the new 6 series coupe with a mix of BMW heritage mixed in to remind everyone that this car follows the distinct tradition of BMW. The car was then left spinning on the dedicated display and was certainly … CONTINUED

09/30/2010    8:02 AM

We are LIVE at the 2010 Mondial de L’Automobile in Paris. The show so far has been great and we have a slew of new photos on the way! We begin with the new BMW 6-Series Concept Coupe which BMW board member Ian Robertson said in no short order would be nearly identical to the production BMW 6-Series.

09/29/2010    4:30 PM

The 2010 Paris Motor Show press days start tomorrow morning. We have put together a guide for the upcoming BMW premieres and innovations at the show, including the 6-series coupe concept, BMW ConnectedDrive innovations, F10 5-series, and E84 X3. Be sure to tune in for Paris Motor Show coverage!

09/28/2010    6:30 PM

Here’s another set of spy shots showing the 2012 6 series convertible, this one was caught parked in Munich. The exterior color appears to be Milano Beige metallic, and the exhaust tips give it away as a 650i.

09/25/2010    10:00 AM

It may be a while until we see the 6-series coupe in various colors, but thanks to the talents of philip, here is a preview of the beautifu new coupe in some likely production colors.

09/23/2010    1:50 PM

We bring you the first high definition video of the BMW 6-series coupe concept. The videos provide some unique perspectives of both the exterior and interior of the new concept, including the exterior lighting elements and the gorgeous new i-drive screen in action.

09/23/2010    9:00 AM

EVO has posted these new 6-series Coupe Concept photos, the most realistic and natural we have seen yet. Previous photos have been heavily post-processed, but we think that the more realistic the photo, the better this concept looks. Which naturally means that it should look phenomenal in the metal at the Paris Motor Show next week! These are also the first photos of the 6-series coupe concept with its LED bumper lights prominently on.

09/20/2010    10:29 AM

BMW has launched a special section for the F12 6-series Coupe Concept on the bmw.de site (link here). The section features new photos and the first video (below). On Sept. 30, the first press day at Paris Motor Show, the car’s design story full video will also be launched on the site. Signup on the page for e-mail updates regarding the 6-series coupe concept.