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07/04/2011    1:15 PM

Autoblog has posted its first drive review of the 2012 6-series coupe. Although the article is a bit difficult to follow, inside are some of its highlights.

Just considering sheer finish and accommodation for four real-sized adults, this new 2+2 BMW fairly well beats the Jaguar XK, Audi S5, and Mercedes E-Class Coupe – with or without a metal roof.

Granted, all the V8s we care to talk about here feel more like rumbling rebels of the road, but this inline powerplant from BMW is arguably the best civilian tune six in a premium passenger car. In this 6 Series, taking all things emotive and practical into account, the inline six is a better choice than the pretty good 4.4 biturbo V8.

We worked this 640i Coupe on the … CONTINUED

05/18/2011    10:00 AM

As a nice followup to their 5-Series review, Rosenthal Automotive comes up with another unique BMW video review. Its more fun then serious, but a worthwhile watch.

04/24/2011    9:00 PM

Caradvice.com.au had a chance to review the 2012 650i convertible and came away very impressed, especially with its new styling, engine, automatic transmission, quality, handling/ride balance, and markedly improved electric steering. Here are some of the more notable quotes from their review.

04/18/2011    9:30 AM

BMW’s new 6-series convertible (F12) just hit the streets which means review comparison time. In their latest issue AMS pits the BMW 650i Convertible against two of its natural enemies – the Jaguar JK Convertible and the Maserati Gran Coupe. We’re happy to share that the F12 650i was able to finish this comparison on 1st place with 498 Points in total. Per AMS, “anything but a victory would have been a suprise. The new 6er Cabrio wins almost every category and shines both in comfort and driving dynamics. It doesn’t evoke strong emotions, but nevertheless does everything extremely well.

Second place and 454 points for the Jaguar JK Convertible. The AMS verdict: “Comparatively low costs, ride comfort, and the excellent V8 are the strongest points … CONTINUED

04/05/2011    8:00 PM

Autocar.co.uk got a chance to sit down with the new 650i and got to do a full road test/review of the car.

First, they found the 650i to be a ‘seriously rapid car’, only half a second slower then the Bentley Continental GTC getting to 100mph. They go on to comment on the highly responsive turbos and transmission. The overall impression they give is that the engine/drivetrain on this car is perfect.

What they didn’t particularly like was the steering, handling and general responsiveness of the car to their inputs, they go on to say …

03/30/2011    2:00 PM

On the heels of the ‘official’ release of the new 6 series Coupe, the press are now releasing their 6 series cabriolet reviews. Author Dave Moore writes an interesting review of the new 6 titled, “BMW’s six pistol pleasure returns”, citing the car’s high points as: Simpler styling; technology laden; thunderous performance; useful passenger and load areas; nimble for one so big.

Low points: A bit heavy; absence of smaller engine choice; dominant iDrive screen, and overall verdict: Impressive convertible is a cinch to drive and even with all that technology, great fun.

Here are a few quotes from the article, but make sure to follow the source link at the bottom of the page to read the article in its entirety.

02/07/2011    11:30 AM

Autocar UK provides its first drive review of the all new 650i convertible, calling it a positive step forward and a more complete car than its predecessor – in all areas. Here is what they had to say.

01/26/2011    10:30 AM

Insideline comes in with their favorable first drive review of the 2012 650i convertible, which they felt had explosive straight-line acceleration with a surprising amount of feedback and an inherent balance which makes it feel alive and responsive to every movement of the wheel. The 650i’s agility was also very impressive. Read the rest of this positive review inside.

01/23/2011    11:37 AM

Car and Driver has posted its first drive review of the 2011 650i convertible, and the first hands-on drive review we have seen. We won’t spoil this first review for you, so check inside for C&D’s reaction to BMW’s all new top of the line convertible.