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07/03/2008    5:26 PM

Today is our lucky day. It seems as though an official set of pictures of the New 7-Series has leaked online. The resolution is low but there are alot of pictures included in this set. Good times my friends!

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06/30/2008    5:31 PM

Caught on film at the recent BMW Golf tournament was a big billboard in place to promote the upcoming BMW 7-Series and reveals the design of the headlamps will somewhat follow the design of the CS concept car.

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06/21/2008    10:22 AM

BMW has taken its new 7-series (F01) to the Ring for some final tests before
its reported July 5th unveiling.

Here are images of both the standard and the long-wheelbase versions running in short succession on the track for some nice comparison shots.

Attachment 163552

Attachment 163553

Attachment 163554

Attachment 163555

Attachment 163556

Attachment 163557

Attachment 163558

Attachment 163559

Attachment 163560

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06/04/2008    11:05 AM

Its expected that the next generation BMW 7 Series (F01/F02) will come with turbo power. If true, BMW wouldn’t put the turbo in for efficiency, but rather for POWER. So expect to see a large displacement, big horsepower turbo engine under the hood of the car :)

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05/15/2008    7:59 PM

Here are the latest in photos of the BMW 7-Series F01 / F02 (long wheel base). Personally, I really love the proportions of this car!

05/06/2008    7:38 PM

According to BMW chief executive Norbert Reithofer in a pre-release of his interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the next generation 7 Series, which is coming out later this year, will get some sort of hybrid powertrain. The details of this powertrain are still in the air as far as we know, but we have a feeling it will be inline with what Lexus has been offering and will be decidedly weighted towards power. It should be a great addition to the BMW lineup and may be a signal of great things to come from BMW on the EfficientDynamics front.

04/28/2008    7:49 PM

This is a scoop. It looks like someone has snapped some photos of the upcoming F01 7-Series bumper and put them on ebay and is selling the bumper! Look at the size of those kidney grills

04/19/2008    3:47 PM

This is awesome. Here is a fully uncovered picture of the upcoming BMW 7-Series interior uncovered which looks to take an entirely new design strategy.

04/14/2008    3:53 PM

In order to keep up with the Jones’ BMW has had to think a bit outside the box. Our sources indicate that the transmission BMW will utilize takes up the same amount of space as the current 6 speeds and will not use additional components. This has been made possible by a completely new transmission concept. We have learned that it utilizes four planetary gear sets and five transmission clutches. Two transmission clutches are unlocked per gear, thus resulting in greater efficiency and a higher overall transmission ratio.

It is touted as being smoother and will reduce fuel consumption by almost six percent; way to go Efficient Dynamics! Since it is the same size as the current 6 speeds, a larger hump or other invasions into the passenger cabin space is … CONTINUED