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09/25/2008    9:03 PM

Here is the official catalogue and brochure for the new BMW 7 Series. High quality wallpapers are also included.

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09/22/2008    8:24 PM

I know, I know there has been alot of talk of why BMW would take its biggest largest car, with such a big engine and make that into a hybrid. But I look at this as just the first of many cars, and if BMW can make it happen with this car, imagine how good it will be when the technology trickles down.

Regardless, here is a technical PDF file on the details of this car: Attachment 187900

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09/22/2008    8:18 PM

BMW releases first details for Concept 7-Series ActiveHybrid
Source: MotorAuthority

Next months Paris Motor Show will see Mercedes-Benz and BMW go head-to-head in the hybrid stakes, with both carmakers scheduled to unveil advanced petrol-electric versions of their respective flagship saloons at the upcoming show. Mercedes released the first details for its S400 BlueHYBRID last week, and confirmed the car for a mid-2009 launch date.

BMW has now followed up with first details for its own Concept 7-Series ActiveHybrid, which joins the previous Vision EfficientDynamics diesel-hybrid based on the X5 and the original BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid from 2007.

While Mercedes S400 BlueHYBRID features an electric drive system mated to a 3.5L V6 powerplant, BMWs new Concept 7-Series ActiveHybrid is based around the 4.4L V8 750i model. The concept car features … CONTINUED

09/20/2008    8:17 PM

Photos of the newly released BMW 7 Series (F01) continue to stream in and we are happy to bring you this set of the car in Titanium Silver and in high resolution!

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09/19/2008    9:01 PM

This 7 series was spotted in a parking garage in Europe and these photos are the first real world shots of the car. Enjoy.

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09/04/2008    8:57 PM

Thanks to a friend in Germany, here are the official booklets for the BMW 7 Series that were recently released to dealership in Germany. Great photos!

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08/25/2008    8:37 PM

Always first on the scene is Alpina with full range modifications to the newest BMWs.  And it looks like Alpina is hard at work with an upgraded high performance version of the F01 7 Series which is sure to fill the expectation of those customers hoping for an M version of the car to take on the likes of the AMG S Class 

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08/11/2008    9:24 PM

BMW Hydrogen 7 Joins Department of Transportation, Department of Energy and Leading Automakers on a Two-Week Tour of 31 Cities, August 11 – August 23 – Portland, ME – August 11, 2008… The BMW Hydrogen 7 — the first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan — joins an unprecedented cross-country journey featuring hydrogen-powered cars by the worlds leading automakers in the 2008 Hydrogen Road Tour.

From August 11 – 23, the hydrogen powered convoy will travel from Portland, Maine to Santa Monica, California with one goal: to call on congressional leaders to support the creation of a nationwide hydrogen fueling station infrastructure.

The Hydrogen Road Tour is a partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Energy, the California Fuel Cell Partnership and the National Hydrogen Association. In addition to BMW, participants include … CONTINUED

08/07/2008    9:05 PM

7 Series Interior designer Nader Faghihzadeh seen here taping

Behind the design of the BMW 7 Series

The design of the new BMW 7 Series: the result of keen competition among the best creative designers.
The BMW Groups process of designing a new vehicle and finding the ideal shape is based on a concept of keen competition. In the development of each new model, several design teams compete with one another in their design
of the exterior and interior in a truly creative contest. Made up of designers and modellers, the teams then, in the second phase of the design process, complete models in original, 1:1 size clearly showing the aesthetic harmony
of the cars proportions and surfaces. To do this they use a simple but … CONTINUED