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01/30/2013    7:30 AM

Car and Driver Contributing Editor Csaba Csere gives an in-depth review of the German-tuned 2013 BMW Alpina B7 on the latest episode of Car and Driver: Tested.

08/24/2012    11:50 AM

The 2013 Alpina B7, based on the refreshed 2013 7 Series, made its U.S. debut this week at the BMW press launch in Laguna Seca Raceway (along with the 2013 M5 and M6 coupe). This is the closest thing we’ll get to an M7 or M Performance 7 Series (for now) and it was a beast on the track!

Our Track Review

It’s a wholly physics defying experience accelerating a nearly 5000 pound car from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, handling corners at speed with little roll, and diving into and coming out of the Laguna Seca corkscrew as if it was a medium sized sedan. This was our experience with refreshed B7 sedan at Laguna Seca. Although I’ve never driven a train, I’d say this car fulfills the … CONTINUED

01/18/2011    9:10 AM

The guys over @ Motor Trend have put up this mega 11 page comparison between the large sedan offerings from all the usual suspects in the large luxury sedan game. But they didn’t just make this a booring old comparison, they threw in all the non-traditional offerings that are available from automakers you wouldn’t have expected 10, 5 or even 1 year ago.

Why all these large luxury sedans in this economic climate anyways? Despite the bad economy, almost every automaker has refreshed their luxo offerings and have pushed the bar foreward even more, blurring the lines between cars meant to be driven by yourself and those meant to be driven by a chauffeur. This isn’t all that surprising– before the big economic collapse, every automotive … CONTINUED

01/17/2011    8:50 AM

And so it continues, the stream of Alpina B7 tests. This one is from Car and Driver and was actually published back in September, but it seemed fitting given the handful of B7 tests and videos that were published this past weekend.

Car and Driver’s report is geared towards the fact finders amongst us. Its very clear and to the point with gobs of detail on the car. I personally liked the review as I could find any piece of information I wanted to know in it. This is a short take road test, so don’t expect a long writeup with too many personal opinions, however.

Source / Full Review: Car and Driver

01/16/2011    8:00 PM

We’ve previously reported on InsideLine’s First Drive of the Alpina B7. Now it seems the press has gotten their Full test reviews out the door.

I have to say I really like this article. While to any true BMW fan, the name Alpina should be nothing new, and has become synonymous with a mix of oppulance and speed, something akin to BMW’s version of AMG (atleast of yore). The analogy becomes more realistic when one consider’s Alpina’s Penchant for automatic transmissions. But back to the article, what I really love about this one is that this one gives a healthy sprinkling of Alpina family history, to help the unindoctinated along for the ride.

Edmunds tells us almost as much about Andreas Bovensiepen, the founder of Alpina … CONTINUED

01/15/2011    11:01 AM

The folks at Autoblog had the opportunity to get their hands on the BMW Alpina B7, and they apparently had a blast. Not only would they let it run against an E92 M3 to find out the M3 “can’t lose the Alpina B7 on one long road to nowhere deep in the reaches of an unincorporated area of the California coastal mountains.” They also refer to the Alpina B7 as “an amazing machine. Defying all logic, the sedan seems to shed pounds as the g-forces increase – the uncanny feedback from the driver’s seat is of a sports car wrapped in a lightweight paper-mâché 7 Series disguise. In a word: fun.”

12/27/2010    1:30 PM

Autoblog has posted a quick spin review of the 2010 760Li (long version model), touting its monster twin turbo V12 motor, style, comfort, and the ultimate unique luxury sedan experience it provides.

06/27/2010    1:03 PM

A luxury car? Yes. Land yacht? No.

This sums up the car very well and is from this new video review of the range topper 750i Li xDrive (400hp twin-turbo V8) conducted by drivencarreviews.com.