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G-Power Tunes the F13 M6 Coupe Bi-Tronik III to 640 hp / 573 lb-ft
G-POWER has now released the full specs and images on its M6 F13 "Bi-Tronik III" upgrade program, featuring: • G-POWER Bi-Tronik III with 640HP (+80hp increase) and 573 lb-ft (777 Nm) torque (+73 lb-ft increase). • New ASA Series ... CONTINUED
03.12.13 | Comments (60)

G-Power BMW M3 RS Carbon Fiber Aero Package Details
Via G-Power: Sometimes less is even more. For example in regards of a car’s weight. Because less weight improves the performance of the BMW M3 and so provides more driving pleasure. With the G-POWER aerodynamic program “RS”, which is completely fabricated from Carbon fibre, ... CONTINUED
01.21.13 | Comments (42)

Video: BMW Unpacking Power with BMW M6 Coupe and HP4 Bike Powerful christmas with the BMW M6 Coupé and the BMW HP4. Experience the dynamic of our two power machines. BMW M, BMW Driving Experience and BMW Motorcycles wish you a merry christmas and a rocket start into 2013.
12.9.12 | Comments (18)

G-Power Tunes the F13 M6 Coupe Bi-Tronik III to 640hp
G-POWER has posted the first images and preliminary info on its M6 F13 "Bi-Tronik III" upgrade program, featuring: • G-POWER Bi-Tronik III with 640HP (+80hp increase). Like on their F10 M5, the G-Power tune ups boost while managing fuel and ignition parameters, ... CONTINUED
11.20.12 | Comments (60)

V8 1M Coupe by G-Power - the G1 V8 Hurricane RS
600 hp and 330 km/h are the key figures of the G1 V8 HURRICANE RS with a supercharged M3 V8 engine and so the world’s fastest BMW 1 M Coupé comes – once again – from G-POWER After G-POWER has already created the world`s fastest sedan (M5 ... CONTINUED
09.25.12 | Comments (80)

///M Flight Bimmerpost Members Pay a Visit to Manhart Racing
The ///M Flight members from BIMMERPOST cruised together this past weekend to to visit Manhart Racing Zentrale in Wuppertal, Germany during the tuning company's open house. They rolled out of Kaiserslautern seven cars deep at around 0730 and spent about 3.5hrs due to traffic and the weather ... CONTINUED
07.16.12 | Comments (44)

G-Power F10 M5 Bi-Tronik III with 640hp and 573lb-ft TQ (Full Release)
G-POWER officially announces the full details and specs on its F10 M5 Bi-Tronik III package for the 2012+ BMW M5. Here's the skinny on the M5 Bi-Tronik III: 640hp (+80hp over factory M5) 573lb-ft torque (+72 over factory M5)... CONTINUED
03.1.12 | Comments (44)

G-Power F10 M5 and M6 640hp / 575 lb-ft Stage 1 Tune Released
BMW tuner G-Power has announced on our facebook page. Their Stage 1 F10 M5 and F12/F13 M6 kit is good for pushing the V8 bi-turbo S63Tu engine to 640 hp / 575 lb-ft torque (780Nm) . This is a +80hp / 74lb-ft gain over the new M5 ... CONTINUED
02.17.12 | Comments (55)

Video: M3 GTS Orgy at the Nurburgring
Any M3 GTS fans out there? If you are, you'll be sure to love this video of six M3 GTS and a supercharged G-Power M3 GTS running at the Nurburgring. The limited edition M3 GTS, which was available only in Europe, featured 450bhp, with a weight of ... CONTINUED
01.3.12 | Comments (48)

2013 F10 M5: First Dyno Results and Video Are In
While US customers are still waiting for the new F10 M5 to hit showroom floors later next year, European tuners have begun to have access to and tinker with the 2013 M5. Germany based tuner PP Performance have posted the first independent dyno runs of the ... CONTINUED
12.22.11 | Comments (75)