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Custom M135i Gets 2 Series Facelift
This custom M135i gets a 2 Series facelift.
04.11.14 | Comments (60)

Clarkson Spins M135i in Top Gear Review (Video)
Watch Jeremy Clarkson review the BMW 135i hatchback in a recent Top Gear episode. The M135i is compared to the MK7 Volkswagen GTI.
03.12.14 | Comments (115)

BMW M135i vs Audi S3 Track Battle by EVO
Jethro compares the Audi S3 against the BMW M135i on track at Bedford Autodrome.
03.6.14 | Comments (29)

BIMMERPOST M235i Review: A New 2002? Behind the Wheel of the M235i Coupe
A new 2002? Behind the wheel of the M235i By Jens Meiners, BIMMERPOST Contributor If there is a single car that has put BMW on the map with enthusiasts in the USA, it is the 2002. Derived from the "New Class" mid-size sedan, it became the ... CONTINUED
01.18.14 | Comments (67)

BMW M235i is Faster On Track Than 1M Coupe (Our 2 Series Interview From Detroit)
We had a chance to sit down with Oliver Ganser, Product Strategy and Market Intelligence Manager at BMW, to discuss the M235i and 228i Coupes [Official Info Thread], which are having their world public debuts at Detroit this week and next. Q: Does the M235i ... CONTINUED
01.15.14 | Comments (143)

BMW M135i Aftermarket Exhaust Battle
Our Hong Kong M135i members put together this aftermarket exhaust sound-off battle. Here you can hear the stock vs M Performance vs Bastuck vs BCS vs Milltek exhausts.
12.23.13 | Comments (29)

Tokyo Motor Show 2013: The Best of the Rest at BMW
From Tokyo, we've shown you the BMW M4 Concept and Alpina B4, but there were plenty of other models to check out. Here's the rest of the best at the BMW display at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Active Tourer Concept Outdoor ConceptNote: the Active ... CONTINUED
11.20.13 | Comments (20)

Revealing Pics of M235i vs Standard Bumper, Undercarriage (no LSD), and Next to 435i
Months ago we uncovered much of the M235i by way of a set of very revealing photos (reposted below), but we now show you some more unique looks. The first image shows the M235i bumper (on the left) compared to the standard 2 Series bumper ... CONTINUED
10.14.13 | Comments (76)

BMW M235i Specs Compared to: M135i, 435i, 335is, 135is and E46 M3
Now that the BMW M235i specs have been revealed, we take a look at how they compare on paper to the M135i hatchback, 435i coupe, 135is and E46 M3. All in all, its specs are very encouraging for those of us clamoring for a return ... CONTINUED
10.9.13 | Comments (118)

BMW M3/M4 Active Sound: the Good and the Bad News
We have both good and bad news on Active Sound technology in the M3/M4. For those unfamiliar, Active Sound technology was first introduced in the M5/M6 and has extended to other models such as the M135i. The system modulates existing frequencies, which are played over ... CONTINUED
09.27.13 | Comments (158)