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04/29/2011    1:15 PM

All auto manufacturer tries to keep new models they’re working on a secret. Yet, there are cars virtually everyone knows about based on speculation or inside information. One of these cars is the BMW Z2 roadster. The Z4 has long abandoned the niche the BMW Z3 was once designed for. So it’s only reasonable that BMW is looking to re-enter that niche again — a small and pure roadster, affordable, light, fun. We’ve reported earlier about BMW working on a Z2 offering such a package. There was some silence on this car as of late, but now there’s more information coming from Autobild.

According to this report, BMW is considering two drivetrain options for the Z2. Details inside…

04/29/2011    10:36 AM

BMW’s current focus on reducing its overall fleet CO2 emissions is clear to anyone following the company’s newest models and technologies. As with all of the world’s auto manufacturers, the company is preparing to meet more stringent emissions standards in the next few years. How well is BMW doing with regard to this goal? Compared to Daimler AG, extremely well.

As cited by Autonews, the current estimate of BMW’s green lead over rival Daimler is valued at approximately 2 billion euros. The estimate comes by way of Morgan Stanley auto analyst Stuart Pearson and the current gap between the two company’s average fleet CO2 emissions. Specifically, BMW’s current average fleet CO2 emissions is 147.9 g/km compared to Daimler’s 163.3 g/km.

BMW only needs reduce its fleet CO2 emissions … CONTINUED

04/19/2011    7:30 PM

Do you have any questions (i.e. what makes this electric car unique? Is it right for me? How does it charge? How fast can it go?) about the ActiveE you would like answered? Submit your questions by replying to this thread so that it can be answered live by the ActiveE experts on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/BMWUSA) during the next BMW Conversations: BMW ActiveE tomorrow, Wednesday at 5:30 PM EST/2:30 PM PST.

Submit your questions directly in this thread, which BMW will be monitoring.

04/19/2011    9:40 AM

BMW has launched the BMW Evolve App, an iPhone app which is a virtual electric vehicle simulator which uses data from your current driving habits to help determine if a BMW ActiveE or an upcoming BMW all-electric vehicle will be right for you.

The program uses the iPhone’s GPS to track your driving habits and distances and lets you charge virtually as you would with a real electric vehicle.

The data you collect will not only help determine if you’re ready for a BMW EV, but can also collect and submit info to BMW which will help the company engineer the next generation of BMW EVs.

04/13/2011    10:45 AM

BMW recently announced the introduction of the BMW i sub-brand, a model line-up to offer mobility solutions for the future. And while the development for the BMW i3 (and BMW i8) continues for the market launch in 2013, there are still some things to consider and some problems to solve to make the idea of electric cars work.

One of these things is charging. Unlike conventional cars with combustion engines, you can’t just go the next station and fill up within 5 minutes. A full recharge of an electric car takes quite some time, and that’s no option when you’re running out of juice during a trip. Siemens and BMW seem to work on a fix, and that’s wireless charging.

Sounds crazy? But it isn’t. The idea … CONTINUED

04/11/2011    11:05 AM

Just a a day ago, when I first read that Frank Weber, Chevrolet Volt lead engineer turned Opel executive, it got my mind thinking. Likely some sort of internal politics? Disagreement on strategies? Well, it seems to be the case that BMW is taking its commitment to electric thinking very seriously and going for the jugular.

Reports right now are indicating that it was in fact BMW who has hired Mr. Weber away from Opel. Mr. Weber will be working directly under BMW’s head of research and development, Klaus Draeger. Although no engineering slouch, BMW’s expertise in the arena of EVs has certainly increased with the addition of Mr. Weber, who is a German native himself and should make the transition fairly easily.

The future seems bright for … CONTINUED

04/07/2011    7:59 AM

Now that spyshots of the BMW i3 have been plenty, it’s not difficult to imagine what the production i3 will resemble. That’s what Car and Driver’s artist has done here, in this render of an i3 which they call “Scion xD meets the scoundrel pigs from Angry Birds.”

The render is easily believable, based on current spy photos and the original Megacity render released by BMW (posted below for reference).

Despite being an all electric vehicle, the BMW i3 will have sporty intentions. It’s been confirmed to be RWD and “mid-engined” and has all along been advertised as using extensive use of carbon fiber to keep its weight down while maintaining structural rigidity. It will be the world’s first volume production car made of lightweight carbon fiber and … CONTINUED

04/05/2011    9:10 AM

Autoblog’s Damon Lavrinc has confirmed what many had figured out from the i3 spy videos, that the 2013 i3 will be rear wheel drive and “mid-engine”. The BMW i3 is BMWs first forray into a mass production electric vehicle, mainly geared towards large cities, as its original name implies (Mega City Vehicle). Thats not to say its the first EV from BMW, as they have already been learning alot from the MINIe and BMW 1-Series ActiveE, this car simply represents the next step– smaller packaging and larger industries of scale.

The BMW i3 itself is the world’s first volume production car made of lightweight carbon fiber and is to be built in Leipzig. BMW expects to have the cars produced in “Significant volumes” by 2013, targeting 30,000 … CONTINUED

03/10/2011    3:43 PM

We bring you the first spy videos of the BMW i8 in cold weather testing runs. The live motion view gives us even more impressions of the future hybrid sports car and it looks sleeker and lower than ever. View videos inside.