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03/24/2014    3:25 PM

We have posted a rare in-car i8 acceleration launch video to our YouTube page.

Our video shows the i8′s gauge graphics as the car accelerates in Sport Mode, as well as providing a listen at the i8′s raw mechanical sounds as it accelerates. While the production i8 will be equipped with Active Sound Design (enhanced interior sound technology), this particular car we’re hearing has its Active Sound Design (ASD) disabled for testing purposes. ASD will not be able to be turned off by the driver in the production model (though BIMMERPOST members have found workarounds on other BMW models). ASD will sound different depending on the selected driving mode(s) – Sport, Comfort, Eco Pro.

Another interesting feature we’ve learned is about the i8′s exterior sound. The … CONTINUED

03/24/2014    12:51 PM

The BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car made its debut this past weekend at the Qatar Grand Prix in Doha.

Check out some photos from its public reveal at the race.

03/24/2014    11:30 AM

Here’s an M235i owner wasting no time in modifying his new car – with wheels and downpipes. Check out the photos, dyno results and impresions.

03/24/2014    8:15 AM

Have a look at the 2006 – 2013 BMW global sales figures, by model and body style.

03/23/2014    5:00 PM

Great photoshoot of a stunning F10 M5 in Sakhir Orange with black marino leather interior, piano black trim, 20 inch BBS FI wheels, IND Cosmetic Package, Akra Evo CF Tips, OEM CF Spoiler w/CRT trim, LCI Grills and RKP Splitters.

03/23/2014    1:00 PM

BIMMERPOST tours the National Auto Museum of Italy, in Turin.

I had read so many good things about this mega museum and it did not disappoint! After the Geneva Auto Show, I headed South to this museum(and to a few other museums) thru Monte Blanc tunnel. That tunnel crossing was the most I have ever paid for a toll, 43 euros one way! But there really isn’t any other way around that mountain range.

I was really impressed with this museum! I think it’s worth any car lovers time – if you are in the area. So many cool Italian cars on display. Something about the buildings architecture – that reminded me of the BMW plant in Leipzig.

Parking was a little bit difficult – … CONTINUED

03/23/2014    8:30 AM

Photos from the BIMMERPOST Northwest owner’s first 2014 meet.

03/22/2014    6:00 PM

BMW AG to open new mega dealership in Berlin…

On May 10th & 11th, 2014 – BMW AG will hold a grand opening of their new premiere factory run dealership in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district.

BMW spent 65 -million-euro’s for the construction project. Over 300 employees will work here. The new location will replace BMW’s next closets dealership which is 45 years old. The new building will be able to display: BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad and also the new i-brand cars (i3 & i8).

BMW customer’s can see the car exhibition of 50 New Cars, 200 Used Cars and 200 BMW motorcycles and 15 maxi-scooters.

Overall, designed by architect Peter Lanz complex in Berlin-Charlottenburg consists of three different buildings: BMW is forming as an interpretation of the Berlin … CONTINUED

03/21/2014    6:07 PM

According to Automotive News, the BMW X7 will be one of the significant announcements at the Spartanburg press event scheduled for March 28.

The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, reported late yesterday that BMW will spend several hundred million dollars to expand the plant to build the three-row seven-seat X7.

Construction at the plant would boost production levels to 400,000 vehicles annually, says Automotive News. It is currently being expanded to build 350,000 a year.

After the X4 goes into production, the X7 will represent the fifth vehicle to be built at Spartanburg (joining the X3, X4, X5 ad X6). Roughly half of the X models currently built are exported to more than 130 countries.