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04/18/2014    6:30 AM

TST Road Test Editor Zack Klapman takes the all-new BMW M235i out for a few hot laps of Laguna Seca to see what all the buzz is about.

04/17/2014    3:00 PM

A look at how M cars have gotten ever wider, complete with dimensional comparisons and fancy graphs.

04/17/2014    8:30 AM

We’ve just had a chance at the 2014 NYIAS to sit down and discuss the all-new M3/M4 with the M3/M4 project manager, Michael Wimbeck (pictured) and M3/M4 product manager for BMW NA, Victor LeLeu.

Thanks to these two gentlemen, here are some hopefully enlightening answers.

Are there official EPA MPG figures for U.S. M3 and M4 yet?
No, not yet.

Will M3/M4 be subject to gas guzzler tax?
We’ll wait for the official EPA numbers to provide an answer. We do expect a substantial increase in fuel efficiency – on the order of 20-25% [compared to E9x M3]. Hopefully sometime in May we should have those numbers.

What does the US curb weight for the M3/M4 include?
The way the US curb weight is measured includes full … CONTINUED

04/17/2014    7:00 AM

The Car of the Year Awards have just been announced at the 2014 NYIAS and the BMW i3 has won both the World Car Design of the Year and the World Green Car of the Year awards!

The i3 beat out the following cars for World Car Design of the Year: Cadillac CTS, Citroen C4 Picasso, Mazda3, Lexus IS, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Volkswagen XL1

And it bested the following cars for World Green Car of the Year: Audi A3 Sportback e-tron , BMW i3, Honda Accord Hybrid, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Volkswagen XL1

These awards come on the heels of news that BMW recently increased production of the i3 electric city car 43 percent to meet demand that has exceeded the company’s initial expectations. Winning these two … CONTINUED

04/17/2014    5:39 AM

Have a first look at the BMW M4 Convertible in Individual Frozen Red.

04/17/2014    4:00 AM

It is all change for the reigning DTM manufacturers’ champions as for 2014 the brand new BMW M4 DTM will take the place of the successful BMW M3 DTM. The 2013 car went out on a high as, when Timo Glock won the final race of the season, this was the 51st victory of the BMW M3 in the prestigious touring car series. Add to that the fact that Marco Wittmann was the Rookie of the Year, Augusto Farfus was second in the drivers’ title race and BMW, with five wins, was on the top step of the podium more than either of its competitors, and it is obvious it was a good year for BMW Motorsport in the DTM.

While for the third year … CONTINUED

04/16/2014    12:50 PM

Rounding out our day at the New York Autoshow is the always stunning BMW i8 painted in stunning Protonic Blue. Take care everyone!

04/16/2014    12:36 PM

Making its New York Autoshow premiere is the X3 LCI, which was announced earlier this year

04/16/2014    12:12 PM

Last year, BMW first introduced the world to the BMW Concept X5 eDrive and now the “concept” vehicle is visiting the New York Autoshow. This is by far one of the more interesting prospects for BMW in the realm of electrified vehicles, especially from the POV of people who can’t yet make the full leap to the BMWi vehicles.

The X5 is powered by a combination of a BMW TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder combustion engine and a 95-horsepower electric motor. This results in an average MPG of 62 and CO2 emissions of less then 90 grams per kilometer. The BMW Concept X5 eDrive obtains its electrical energy from a (lithium-ion) high-voltage battery, which is accommodated under the flat luggage compartment floor.

The X5 eDrive can be … CONTINUED