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06/24/2010    1:30 PM

Dackelone does it again! This time he goes on a BMW Welt and Museum tour and takes us all along for the ride. The descriptions and photography are stunning and worth a gander. So what are you waiting for, click through and take a look!

06/24/2010    10:25 AM

Well, this head to head is still very much hypothetical, but the recently revealed BMW Concept Gran Coupe is a car hatched to directly compete with the successful Mercedes Benz CLS. The CLS itself is being updated this year, with the new model already seen and set to be officially launched very soon. BMW for its part has been leaking word that the stunningly beautiful Concept Gran Coupe has been green lit for production and will likely slot inside of the 6-Series family.

Taking the cue of this brewing mega class battle, German publication Auto Bild has put together an imagined head to head in order to compare the two cars. They are both beautiful examples of German machinery, but … CONTINUED

06/24/2010    8:55 AM

This BMW X3 teaser site has been in a holding phase for nearly a month now, possibly because it was released too soon? Regardless, all signs and whispers point to a full reveal and release of the X3 in the month of July, possibly even next week sometime. I certainly hope so, because I actually think its a nice model that bucks some trends in its category while at the same time upping the quality levels that are lacking in the current X3. But for now, its all just a bunch of guesses until the real cars come out and the reviews come in. But for the impatient amongst us, take a visit to the official teaser page and look through their… … CONTINUED

06/23/2010    8:25 PM

The German auto publication Auto Zeitung have begun to speculate on the next BMW M3 Coupe (F32). Whilst some of the details especially of the front end are very similar and not far from exact of the new 3er Sedan. The Coupe repeats the formula that begun with the current 3er Coupe (E92) and offers a car that is more sleeker and sportier than the relevant sedan. A Design formula that has made the E92 our most successful 3er Coupe yet.

Here the artist has introduced a car that looks neither sleek , nor sporty but rather stubby , and the inclusion of CS Concept wheels adds more lack of believeibility. The aerodynamics packet seems to indicate a direction seen with the … CONTINUED

06/23/2010    6:15 PM

We bring you the first ever video of the upcoming BMW M6, captured near the Nurburgring. Though the video is short, it nevertheless provides a dynamic look at the M6, not to mention a listen at the ~600hp V8 twin turbo motor. We hope these wheels are the eventual production wheels as they look terrific in motion!

06/23/2010    3:57 PM

We bring you the worlds first look at the next generation F30 3-series sedans interior! The interior looks to be a big departure from the E90/E92 interior – the dash seems to be more driver-centric and also becomes less upright, with a very smoothly integrated screen unit. Overall the look reminds us more of the current 1-series than the newer BMWs (F10 5-series, F01 7-series), especially the trim area.

Attachment 400500

Attachment 400501

Attachment 400502

06/23/2010    1:00 PM

The popularity of the of the 2011 5-series is very apparent so far. BMW AG has sold out of all current 5-series stock in all markets and new customers are waiting 3-4 months for deliveries. This report by BMW is supported by Yahoo Auto’s recent analysis of the hardest cars to get a hold of in the U.S.

06/23/2010    9:30 AM

The next generation BMW 6-Series (designated as F12 for the Coupe and F13 for the Cabriolet editions) has been ramping up its facetime with the cameras. Thankfully, so far the car has been absolutely stunning from any angle its been photographed at so far, but dont take my word for it, you can see all the photos in our on-going coverage of the car: http://www.bimmerpost.com/6-series.

Just to re-cap the all new 6-Series is said to arrive officially sometime in 2011 as a 2012 model with some believing we could see it at the upcoming Paris Autoshow. Most likely the coupe and cabrio would be revealed at the same time or in very short succession.

06/23/2010    12:30 AM

Here are some great photos from the Mid-Ohio Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge and GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series which took place this past weekend. The Bimmerworld 328i won the ST class in the Continental Race and the Turner M6 won the GT class in the Rolex Race.