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06/29/2010    10:55 AM

BMW Car Club “M-Flight” in Germany convoyed this past weekend to a fund raising event at a local school, with a donation made by Pentagon Car Sales. Some 35 members of the club joined in the convoy, including owners of all 4 generation of M3′s!

06/29/2010    8:55 AM

Its coming soon. I swear

Source: Spyshots.nl

06/29/2010    7:00 AM

Another new and well done BMW X5M review has made its way onto the internet, this time by way of the guys over @ Autoblog.com. And reading this really well done review, it becomes obvious they had a hell of a time behind the wheel of this beautiful Monte Carlo Blue Metallic example.

Here are a few select quotes, but as always make sure to follow the link and read the entire article and see all the photos


No one ever said that evolution is pretty. Take the best-of-breed BMW M Division product: the E30 M3. Little more than … CONTINUED

06/28/2010    11:09 PM

BMWNA has announced the availability of 3 BMW performance carbon fiber M3 aerodynamic parts at authorized BMW parts dealers – rear deck lid spoiler, mirror caps, and front splitters. Every part is functional, based wind tunnel testing, and serve to reduce lift and minimize drag.

06/28/2010    8:13 PM

BMW AG has been named the automaker which European suppliers most want to do business with, rising 4 spots from the same survey last year, and replacing Toyota at the top spot.

06/28/2010    1:30 PM

This is an amazing wind tunnel test by Sport Auto, including the M3 and 335. Ever wonder if the M3′s special aero design is actually for show or go? Data would indicate that the aerodynamic improvements on the M3 are actually quite significant.

06/28/2010    10:30 AM

This morning brings us a really well written and honest review of the X5 M, I wont say much more to ruin the article and let you read it for yourself to be the judge, but here is a select quote from BimmerFiles well written review of the X5 M


This article was suppose to be a thrashing of the X5 M as an overweight impostor to the hallowed M brand. That begs the question of how do you even measure what M is? The answer is likely personal but there are a few core ingredients that we can all agree on. Power, balance and … CONTINUED

06/27/2010    6:49 PM

Comparing these photoshops of the upcoming BMW X3 to the large amount of available spy shots (and officially released "spyshots") of the car, these photoshops done by AutoZeitung and a French Car Magazine, seem to be an almost 99% accurate depiction of the real car. We shall of course find out as not only all the real photos but also all the fine details of the next generation F25 BMW X3 is said to be released in the month of July……

06/27/2010    5:35 PM

Autoblog recently revisited the 2010 335i E90 sedan. So it’s not the latest 335i, but the reviewer feels the 2010 335i really deserves wave after wave of gushing prose in reviews and no doubt remains the benchmark of mid-sized sedans. And this isn’t just the BMW-koolaid talking.