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06/17/2010    9:14 PM

WSTO completes their Japanese tuner spotlight trilogy with this feature on their visit to Studie, easily one of the most recognizable BMW tuners out of Asia. See inside for some pretty wild BMW builds (such as the pink widebody M3, green widebody Z4 coupe) and some general eye candy.

06/17/2010    4:17 PM

BMWNA has just announced today the production of just 30 limited edition 2011 Frozen Gray M3 coupes for the U.S. At the heart of this special edition M3 is the matte-gray paint with metallic properties and the two-tone fox red / black leather interior. The equipment list is as extensive as it gets with the competition, premium, and technology packages all included included MSRP is $77,600.

06/17/2010    1:39 PM

We bring you the first photos of 6-series convertible test cars in different colors and configurations. Previously, only a milano beige F13 6-series has been spotted, but we now see the stunning convertible in both silver (650i) and red color (640i). The silver 650i wears some beautiful wheels weve not yet seen, which transforms the whole look of the car (for the better), in our opinion.

Here is the BMW announced production schedule for the F12 / F13 6-series coupe and convertible.

MY 2012:

March 2011 – 650cv

July 2011 – 650cp

September 2011 – 640cp/cv

September 2011 – 650xi cp/cv

Follow our full 6-series coverage here: … CONTINUED

06/17/2010    11:30 AM

The 2011 528i Sedan has now joined the 535i and 550i on BMWUSA’s website, and is available for online configuration. The 528i starts at $44,550 MSRP and is powered by a 3.0L 6-cylinder 240hp / 230 lb-ft torque motor. Check out BMWUSA.com.

06/16/2010    11:13 PM

Ive heard a few folks on the X3 forums who want to see the 2nd Gen in a " real life " size comparison vs the current X5.All of the size comparisons so far for the 2nd Gen X3 have been against the current X3. Could not deliver the X5 but a few pics with an X6 and a couple of Fords.Enjoy and Thanks. PalBay

06/16/2010    6:15 PM

M3post member noxredna has on a prior occasion shared with us his great account of his first place finish at the Redline Time Attack NJMP. He has now moved cross-country with his M3 and has again shared with us a report of his time at the Redline Time Attack Autoclub Speedway. Check out the upgrades to his car, as well as some great photos and details of the event.

06/16/2010    2:45 PM

The lucky guys at Car and Driver recently had a chance to do something that we can only do in our dreams — test drive the ALMS M3 GT race car. What they share with us is some great insight from a non-professional driver as well as some stunning photography of the ALMS M3.

06/16/2010    10:35 AM

The Alpina B5 has always been a sort of special car, elegant, fast and distinctive all at the same time. Its no wonder that the upcoming Alpina B5 has had a pre-release following similar to a series BMW. The car has been tracked through development spyshot after spyshot, artists even attempted to render the car to guess at what it would look like. Thankfully, it seems the car is now set for its release and showing to the world at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (July 1 – 4, 2010).

The car itself is of course based on the 6th generation BMW 5-Series, and for ALPINA too this will be their 6th generation … CONTINUED

06/16/2010    8:00 AM

Bulgaria has turned out to be the home of one of the most fanatical BMW fan bases in Eastern Europe. The 9th National BMW meeting was held last month at the Drakon track, in an event organized by the BMW Club of Bulgaria. Here is a great video summary of the event.