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06/08/2010    12:01 AM

Based on the information leaked out about this street version of the successful BMW M3 GT2 racecar, Jon Sibal created a rendering of how the new BMW M3 GTS-R might possibly look like.

06/07/2010    6:37 PM

Alpine325ci works his magic on the upcoming F10 BMW M5 once again, this time rendering what the side profile may look like, by mixing elements of the current E60 M5 and the new F10 5-series to come up with a very sleek and refined rendering of what the car will look like.

06/07/2010    3:00 PM

Bimmerpost member SkipSauls provides a great review (and photos) of the 2011 535i against the new X5 and the N54 335i. His perspective from being a long term 335i owner should provides some nice insight for those of you coming from the E90/E92 335i or another N54 based car.

06/07/2010    6:43 AM

Its been a little bit quiet on the BMW 1M / M1 front in the last week, so here are so more spyshots to keep the juices flowing Word is that the cars will begin filming for its advertising spots soon (I assume while it continues development work in Germany and in US hot weather testing). In any event, take a peak at the pictures and enjoy.

You can follow our full 1M / M1 coverage @ http://www.bimmerpost.com/m1

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06/07/2010    1:03 AM

BMW car designs have often been at the forefront of automotive styling, pioneering looks and design elements which would be emulated by the entire industry. BMWism takes a look at the famous (and some not so famous) designers responsible for BMW’s legendary styling. Do you know who penned your favorite BMWs?

06/06/2010    11:32 AM

It wouldve been more interesting with staggered starts like in these vids ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGxjTfAghcU and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0up-u7WhVd8 )

Source: DrivexTv

06/05/2010    8:12 PM

There has been some recent resurgence in the conversation surrounding the actual origins of the BMW Logo. Do the colors represent the colors of the bavarian flag in reverse? Or does it originate from early BMW marketing posters that links BMW to airplane engines and the spinning propeller against a blue sky?

06/05/2010    4:58 PM

Now THATS what Im talkin about. In my driveway!

My first impression upon seeing my car at the dealership was that it was black instead of gray. Sophisto Gray is dark, especially on a cloudy day or in the evening, and I really like it. Outstanding detail on the headlamps and dual exhaust. With the sport package, the proportions are perfect — the cars a beast.

The Oyster/Black/Anthracite interior is very classy and comfortable. My wife thought the overall look and feel was like "sipping on a great cup of coffee." The layout of the controls, idrive, indicators and are intuitive and convenient.


06/05/2010    2:00 PM

If youve been reading some of the early reviews of the new BMW X3 that have been posted up by various news outlets so far1,2, you may have noticed some commonality in their photos. Well thats because they are photos released straight from BMW showing off the still masked off car. For your convenience ive posted all the photos together here in this thread or you can follow the source link below:

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Attachment 393858

Attachment 393859

Attachment 393860

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