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05/11/2010    3:30 PM

M3post member DLSJ5 took his Gintani supercharged M3 on a one day 700+ mile round trip to Sacramento Raceway to truly test its capabilities. Though the trip was long, the results made it worthwhile. He was able to achieve a very impressive 1/4 mile trap speed of 131.67mph!

05/11/2010    11:30 AM

Florida Bimmerpost members from E90post, M3post, 1addicts, and 5post met over this weekend under beautiful skies and in their beautiful BMWs. The meet was held in Markham Park in Weston, FL. Check out their images inside.

05/11/2010    6:37 AM

Brescia/Munich. 70 years after its victory in the 1940 Mille Miglia, the BMW 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupé has once again emerged as the winner of this tradition-steeped Italian event. Giuliano Cané and Lucia Galliani authoritatively steered the Coupé through the numerous trials and clocked up the 1,000 miles through Italy without a single technical hitch. Enzo Ciravolo and Maria Leitner rounded off the BMW triumph by coming third in a series-production BMW 328, clinching another parallel to the Mille Miglia of 70 years ago when a BMW likewise finished in third place. “Victory by Giuliano Cané and Lucia Galliani along with third place achieved by Enzo Ciravolo and Maria Leitner are a marvellous example of teamwork,” commented Karl Baumer, Director of BMW Classic. “Both the … CONTINUED

05/10/2010    7:00 PM

Jon Sibal pens the upcoming M1 / 1M convertible, which has been said to be in the works and will debut after the coupe version. As with all of Sibal’s work, it’s an impressive and definitely plausible take on what the upcoming M1 / 1M convertible will resemble.

05/10/2010    4:30 PM

Some say that the F10 5-series resembles a smaller 7-series. Some even think that that means that it’s just a modified version of the 7-series, technologically speaking. Well, here’s evidence that the F10 5-series stands on its own and is not merely a scaled down 7-series.

05/10/2010    5:27 AM

Any doubt that BMW is preparing to release an M version of the 1-series can now be put to rest. An M1 / 1M prototype with quad exhausts (a signature modern day M car element) has now been spotted. Until now, skeptics have pointed to the lack of quad exhaust as evidence that this is not an M1 / 1M, but some other higher performance 1-series version (i.e. 135is).

The M3 differential and control arms / links are also very evident in these photos.

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05/10/2010    3:30 AM

Grassroots Motorsports recently concluded their 335i project. The objective of their project was to take a 2008 E92 335i and attempt to make it as fast as an M3 around the track for less than half the difference in price ($15,000 at the time of the initial article). Did they succeed? Check inside.

05/09/2010    6:13 PM


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Note To Self: Dont leave camouflaged prototypes parked with the engine running next to Central Park in Manhattan. Just a week after a failed car bomb attempt in Times Square, Manhattan is understandably still a bit jittery. An apparent error in judgement by Martin Birkmann, head of product planning for BMW North America, reportedly triggered a bomb scare and the resulting evacuation of several blocks along Central Park West near the American Museum of Natural History this afternoon.

Birkmann was out evaluating a prototype 2011 BMW X3 covered in camouflage when he stopped to enjoy a … CONTINUED

05/09/2010    3:27 PM

Other publications have criticized the X6 as being a poor off-roader, but let’s be honest – the X6 and X6M will mostly be used by their owners for highway duties. And for that, Winding Road calls it a high-speed highway missle. Read on.